Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Review

This film coming out was what finally got me to watch the original earlier this year and it was so good I had to update my top 10 films of 2014 list to include it. So of course my interest in this film increased after I really liked the first one.

Unfortunately while I did enjoy this film it is a significant downgrade from the original. It’s a decent movie but it feels like a lot of potential was wasted. For example one of the surviving characters from the first film is killed off pretty early in the movie and it just felt like a waste of said character, especially since several of the new characters are also underused.


It’s still a fun movie with plenty of enjoyable action sequences, it’s just other than seeing Eggsy and Harry working together (which is neat) it doesn’t really bring that much that’s new to the franchise. The Statesman are fine but you get the general idea of their gimmick from the trailers so by the time they’re involved in the action they’re not all that different from the Kingsman agents outside of being cowboys, in fact from the trailers I assumed Halle Berry’s character was a Kingsman agent.


I feel bad being so critical because I did like the movie, it’s just it could have been a lot better. I think the biggest fault of the film is it appears they used up all their spy tropes to parody in the first film because most of the spy stuff in this movie is just the same as the first film, which makes for an enjoyable action movie but not a satisfying follow up to the original.


Terminator Genisys – Review

And so we come to the end of the marathon. Looking at other reviews for this film it’s clear a lot of people really didn’t like this one with many reviewers getting angry at the film.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have nostalgia bias against it but I liked it. It’s not as good as the first two movies but it still has a lot of the elements I enjoyed about them. I like the scene recreations and the idea of Skynet going back to the events of the first movie instead of just trying again at a different point in time. The timeline gets messed up but that’s actually the point and the changes are easy enough to follow. Yes it’s a shame a certain twist was spoiled by some of the trailers (not the one I used) but it still works without the surprise.


I like the new cast, it is amusing that all the other characters from the original are played by new actors but the T-800 is Arnold Schwarzenegger in every movie. The new actors’ performances are the right mix of mimicking the original actors and their own take on the roles.


And so like with previous movie marathons it’s time to show my rankings of the films

Terminator 2: Judgement Day > The Terminator > Terminator Genisys > Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines > Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation – Review

Out of all the films in this marathon this was the one I was the least interested in seeing. Maybe it’s because it’s the only one without Arnold Schwarzenegger (unless you count the CGI cameo who doesn’t have any one liners) or because I didn’t care for Christian Bale’s performance in the Dark Knight movies. Either way my expectations were low.

And somehow it found a way to be worse than I thought. Before I get to the problems I will note that there are some things that were alright. Anton Yelchin did a good job as Kyle Reese (too bad he’s barely in the movie) and despite the fact Terminator 3 was poorly received they did keep the character Kate around instead of just ignoring the events of the film because people didn’t like it… Ok that’s it, on to the problems.


Despite being a movie all about the post-Judgement Day point in the timeline the film doesn’t actually focus on John Connor. I don’t like Bale’s performance (which is just his Batman voice half the time) but considering this film includes John Connor meeting his father Kyle Reese for the first time you’d think they’d make that the focus of the movie instead of this boring cyborg guy. The film gives me no reason to care about this guy or his forced romance with a girl in the resistance he saves.


And that’s the main problem with this movie, it’s boring. Also so far the timeline hasn’t been confusing, I guess that’s all going to be in the next movie but I remember hearing about it being ridiculous before that movie was in development. Anyway no matter what I think of Genesis it can’t be worse than this.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – Review

Since I already saw Terminator 2 it’s not being included in this marathon but I will share my thoughts on it before I start this review. Like the first film it was pretty good but now that I’ve seen both I can see the areas where T2 improved over the original, it’s also worth noting that the viewing experience is also a big part of my higher opinion as I had fun watching it with friends making jokes and doing Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions.

This film sadly wasn’t good but it was at least entertaining. There were some decent action scenes (most notably the chase scene near the beginning), Arnold Schwarzenegger has plenty of amusing lines and I think the ending worked well.


The film’s problems however stand out more and one of the biggest is the weird fanservice stuff they do with the T-X including one scene where she makes her boobs bigger. It doesn’t help that her powers aren’t that different from the T-1000 so the things that make her stand out compared to other Terminators are hacking and “being sexy”. I also have no reason to care about the human characters in this film and this might be the most blatantly forced romance I’ve ever seen in a film since it only seems to happen because Arnold says they’re married in the future.


I can see why the general reaction to this movie is bad but people’s problems with it aren’t common knowledge, it’s strengths aren’t enough to make it any good but the problems aren’t so horrible that I’d call it bad either. I’d say it was mediocre but it wasn’t boring, it just wasn’t anything of note. Two more movies to go now, maybe they’ll be better or maybe they’ll be worse. I haven’t had a controversial opinion on this series yet so who knows maybe one of them will be pretty good.

The Terminator – Review

This is a marathon I was considering for a while. Back when I was in college I saw the 2nd film at a sci-fi (which I joined towards the end of its life span since the only other things I remember seeing were The Fifth Element, Flash Gordon and a couple of minutes of Aliens). So when I was thinking of movie marathons of course Terminator was always going to be one of them.

It’s pretty good. Because of its iconic nature (and the fact I saw the sequel) most of the plot details were familiar but it was still fun to see how these events actually happen. One thing I know this series is notable for is how confusing the timeline gets as they keep adding movies but in this film I have to say they keep the timeline consistent and making it clear the events of this film were always going to happen.


This is a very 80s movie with everything from the hair, clothes and score to the fact the T-800 is a catchphrase machine. This is a big part of the film’s charm for me and I honestly like the version of the main theme in this movie more than the more iconic version from Terminator 2.


From what I’m aware I’ve seen what most people consider to be “the good ones” and it’s apparently all downhill from here. But who knows maybe I’ll have another controversial opinion, I hope so.

Eat Locals – Review

Heard about this on Thursday while talking with my friends and knowing nothing outside of the cast and that it’s a vampire movie I decided to check it out.

It’s decent. Not great but it’s an enjoyable comedy on the same level as Rough Night and Snatched. While not as consistently funny as something like What We Do In The Shadows it still has its charm and a lot of that does come from the cast who were the main selling point for me from looking at the poster.


As far as “I just heard about this film yesterday” films go it’s pretty good. Looking ahead at the rest of September it looks like it won’t have quite as many new films to watch as August so it might be time to do another movie marathon.

Logan Lucky – Review

When I saw the trailer for this I figured I could just skip it. It looked boring and I already saw one boring heist movie, I didn’t need to watch another. But then just about every film critic I follow on YouTube started giving it positive reviews, some even saying things like “don’t miss this one” so I figured I might as well give it a chance.

I should have trusted my first impression, this movie is boring. I watched/rewatched those positive reviews that convinced me to watch it and I still don’t get it. People make a big deal out of Daniel Craig’s performance but it was just him doing the same voice everyone else in the movie was doing. At some points it sounds like they’re talking about a completely different movie.


I’d say you could probably skip this one but considering I appear to be in the minority here who knows maybe you might actually like it. I wouldn’t see it in the cinema though unless you’ve got Odeon Limitless or something similar.