Incredibles 2 – Review

Even before this was announced this was one of the most requested Pixar sequels, especially when sequels/prequels to their other films were announced. While I was interested in seeing a sequel I’ll admit with the 14 year gap I would have liked to see one that incorporated those years into the story like with Toy Story 3 so I wasn’t as hyped as most people.

That being said this is a good movie. Was it worth the 14 year wait? Maybe, outside of the improvements in the CGI I can’t say the wait added much to the film. As a direct follow up to the first film it’s a fun movie and it does mean we get to see characters react to seeing Jack-Jack’s powers for the first time.

Screenslaver 1 Pixar Post

Of course considering the attention they’ve gotten I have to talk about the villain; Screenslaver. While the UK version has had the effects reduced after¬†epilepsy concerns there is still one scene where the effect covers most of the screen for a bit longer than usual that it might be worth waiting until you can reduce the brightness on your smaller screen if you are effected by flashing lights. As a character they’re alright but are a downgrade from Syndrome due to their identity being a twist reveal, however their hypnotism does mean they get to have Supers as henchmen for the whole family to fight later in the film which is pretty neat.


As Pixar sequels go I’d say it’s on the same level as Finding Dory and Monsters University,¬†if you liked the first film you’re probably going to like this one too but outside of visuals the first film is still better. I do hope if we get an Incredibles 3 (which they are considering) we get some kind of timeskip, maybe not 14 years but enough that we get to see each of these characters in another stage of their life.


Adrift – Review

I probably wouldn’t have seen this if I didn’t need to make up for only seeing two films in the cinema in May. That’s not to say it didn’t look good but if a more cheerful movie that wasn’t Patrick was showing I probably would have seen it instead.

While this film does have its weaknesses the strengths stand out a lot more. A big part of what makes it work is Shailene Woodley’s performance, between this and The Fault in Our Stars she’s proven herself to be a very talented actress and if she doesn’t at least get nominated for Best Actress next year I’ll be surprised. It also lacks the annoying “this is why what you did is so important” scene so many true story movies have, a scene like that wouldn’t make sense in the narrative but its absence is still a notable positive in my eyes.


The presentation had a few problems. It frequently cuts back and forth between the survival and flashbacks to the romance and some of these cuts are awkwardly made with some scenes being about 10 seconds of very little before returning right where the previous scene left off. However the payoff for this presentation is very effective.

Sam Claflin and Shailene Woodley star in ADRIFT
Courtesy of STXfilms

So while I was reluctant to see this since I’m glad I did and I’d be more likely to recommend seeing this than the other two films I saw this week. I’m sure we’ve got plenty of true story movies to come this year (especially when Oscar season comes along) but this is a good start… for me, I’m aware other true story movies came out this year already but this is the first one I’ve seen… unless you count Tag (which I don’t because it’s only inspired by true events, the film itself is a fictional story with its own characters).

Tag – Review

So while looking for movies showing before the end of the month this one stood out as one that could be fun. I’d seen the trailer maybe a couple of times but I’d completely forgotten about it until earlier this week and as a result didn’t remember the jokes that were in the trailer, which is good because like most comedies they’re much better in context.

It’s a silly and over the top comedy and if you feel like watching one of those this is a fun one. It’s not something I’d recommend seeing on the big screen unless you have a cinema membership like Odeon Limitless, it’s something you watch if you’re scrolling through TV channels or Netflix.


This is very much an actor driven comedy, a big part of what made the jokes funny for me was the delivery. Jeremy Renner using his action movie experience for comedic effect is especially entertaining and while the other characters are common comedy cliches they’re still well played comedy cliches. There are some jokes that might not work for everyone including some points where characters express a pretty dark sense of humour that I can see a lot of people thinking are in bad taste.


I had fun but it’s not one of the stronger comedies of the year so far. If you think it looks fun from the trailer and you like these actors you’ll probably like it. Now to make up for only getting to see two movies in the cinema last month I’ve got one more film to watch before the month ends.

Ibiza – Review

I figured I would try watching another Netflix Original movie this week and this one stood out since it has Gillian Jacobs from Community in it. I tried watching this on Monday but half an hour in I just couldn’t get into it, but last night I made sure to finish it because I’ve got two more movies to see in the cinema before the end of the month. Did it pick up after they actually get to Ibiza?

Not really. There are some short scenes that work and the cast work really well together but most of the scenes feel really stretched out. When I gave up watching it on Monday I was just getting bored of the extended party sequence that didn’t really impact the plot much (if at all) and they still hadn’t even mentioned Ibiza at that point.

Aleksandar Letic

Then when they finally do get to Ibiza the film is pretty much their trip to the party and then another long party sequence. Honestly I don’t get why this movie is even called Ibiza because they don’t really do much in Ibiza and more plot development happens during the earlier scenes in Barcelona and the scenes that take place after leaving Ibiza.


It’s probably not the worst Netflix movie of the year but it’s the weakest of the ones I’ve seen so far. If you’re looking for a 2018 Netflix Original movie to watch go with Happy Anniversary (and if it counts Annihilation).

Ocean’s 8 – Review

And now we get to the film that inspired me to do this marathon. I’m glad I did because while I was interested in this movie anyway seeing where it comes from and recognizing callbacks to the older films means I was able to appreciate it more.

I think this is the best one. I think it’s the right balance of the Sinatra and Clooney films while also throwing in its own spin. I especially like how this actually has a third act dealing with the aftermath of the heist like the original, something the trilogy never did for some reason.


I think the smaller cast was a smart move too. All 8 get a pretty decent amount of screen time and scenes where they get to stand out. There’s even a couple of neat cameos from characters from the previous three films.


If they end up making an Ocean’s 9 I’d be interested in seeing more from these characters, maybe bring back Julia Roberts as Tess and have Rihanna sing a cover of Eee O Eleven or one of the other songs from the original. But for now here’s my rankings for the whole series, in image form too since I like the layout more and am going to use it for all future franchise rankings


Ocean’s Thirteen – Review

So in my Ocean’s Twelve review I mentioned how I was pleasantly surprised they didn’t make any cuts to the team and that based on the ending I had a guess about who member 13 was going to be. I was also curious if Thirteen would feel like an actual ending for these characters since it wraps up Soderbergh’s trilogy. So if you’ve already seen these movies you can probably guess my reaction to this one.

This was a huge downgrade. Not only did they make a cut to the team but it was specifically the addition from the previous movie who doesn’t even appear while the new additions are barely in it either. They also brought back the antagonist of Twelve for a really bland subplot that just made him seem useless.


It had potential at the start when the heist was personal for not just one member but the entire team but the heist itself was boring. I also found the callback to the original Ocean’s 11 disappointing, instead of something neat like the songs they just have a couple of lines about shaking Sinatra’s hand.


Fortunately to make up for this movie ditching the female leads from Twelve next up we’ve got an entire team of female characters. I’m not sure what to expect but it’s bound to be better than this.

Ocean’s Twelve – Review

I knew pretty much nothing about these movies other than some of the actors and that one of the films was commonly criticised for having a part where Julia Roberts’ character is told she looks like Julia Roberts. Turns out the one people didn’t like is this one, which is weird because so far it’s the best one.

It has all the strengths of the previous film but because it’s a different heist it doesn’t have elements that feel like a downgrade from the original. This also makes ranking the other two a little easier. Yes the Julia Roberts as Tess as Julia Roberts thing is silly but honestly it’s much funnier than its infamy made it out to be.


I’m also impressed they got all 11 members of the team from the previous movie back, I assumed they’d probably have some cuts and swap them out for new members as well as adding a 12th. I also think Danny and Tess Ocean’s relationship is better this time around and much better than Danny and Beatrice Ocean’s in the original.


Two more movies to go and the next one wraps up the Ocean’s trilogy. No idea what to expect from this next one, I have a guess about who the 13th member is based on the ending of this one but I could easily be wrong. I’m curious if it will feel like an actual ending for this team or just the last film they made about them.