BEDA 30 – In Conclusion


So this is the end of BEDA. Earlier I filmed and uploaded my last vlog for VEDA and here I am typing this.

This has been a fun project and I’ve decided that I want to keep using this blog after BEDA is over. I like posting reviews and having a platform for sharing thoughts that are tricky to explain in video form. So while BEDA may be over this blog isn’t.

While I’m unlikely to do VEDA again next year I will be doing BEDA again. My biggest challenge was doing both. I’m glad that even with the occasional slow day resulting in nothing to talk about I still finished both and never missed a day (though I came close a couple times).

Thank you to everyone who read this. I hope you continue to read any future blogs I make outside of BEDA too.


BEDA 29 – DC Characters I’m Looking Forward To Drawing


With only a few Marvel teams left I aim to start drawing DC characters soon. As such I’ve already been thinking of characters and teams to work with. I also plan to make it so characters in multiple groups have a different look for each team. For example I want the Justice League to have a theme to their costumes and for each member to have been drawn in another team by the end of the project.


The Super Family

Superman has an iconic look but, much like Spider-Man, has gone through a wide range of outfits it would be nice to reference. And I want to try and spread these looks out between these characters. I’ve already planned for the S symbol to look different on each person wearing it. Supergirl will be especially fun since my friend Dawn has given me permission to use her Supergirl look as a template.



I loved the cartoon and while I’ve yet to see Teen Titans Go I know I’ll love it. I want to draw an older Titans team led by Nightwing that captures the feel of the cartoon.


The Bat Family

Not so much for Batman but everyone else. This’ll be one of the bigger teams I’ll draw and I’ll want each member to have their own look. Also because Batgirls Stephanie and Cassandra deserve more attention.



That’s right, I’m including the characters from Watchmen in this project. Might even include characters from the series as members of other teams (much like how I added Jubilee to the Runaways).


The Green Lantern Core

There’s a wide selection of characters to choose from. Of course the Earth Lanterns and Kilowog go without saying but the rest I haven’t even decided yet.


Saint Walker

Speaking of Green Lanterns I’ll want to draw the other colour Lanterns too. In particular Saint Walker as my friend Jacob sad something that made me realize I need to include him in the Justice League.



I’ve just recently decided I want to draw him both as a Red Lantern and a Blue Lantern. That alone has made me more excited about drawing him.


Rogues of Gotham

With all the designs these characters have to choose from they’re going to be one of the most fun projects. I might ask Sammy for suggestions for Harley & Ivy’s designs.


Legion of Doom

Because designing a Masters of Evil team was a fun experience I can tell the Legion of Doom will offer a similar experience. I don’t even know who to include yet.


Legion of Superheroes

And speaking of legions this team of tomorrow is one my dad suggested. They’re amoung the comics he ordered online plus I recall enjoying the cartoon and Justice League episode.


Young Justice

While I’ve not seen the show or read the comics about this team I do still look forward to fixing that. Plus this team will be able to include some of the Teen Titans that don’t make it into that team.



Finally I want to draw Darkseid in a way that he is different from the design I gave Thanos. I plan on making him look especially powerful, picking a team for him to lead will also be interesting. It won’t be a Legion of Doom though.

BEDA 28 – Plymouth Expo 2013


So did this live up to the hype I had? Yes. First it was great seeing my friends do well selling their art. They’ve earned this and I glad to have contributed towards it. I also noticed one of my new friends who traveled with me and my local friends had bought some of Selena’s pictures. Alice was apparently interview for someone’s vlog too.


Several of my cosplayer friends attended including Dawn and Sammy who I promoted a few days back. Dawn also had her own stand for the first time and had some well earned success at it too.


One of my artist friends I neglected to promote before is Francine who had a table this year and last year. If you like her art you should check out her website, Facebook page and DeviantART.


My friend Siobhan also had a table. I bought a few of her pictures and hope to see her art at future conventions. You can find her work at her website, Tumblr, Facebook and Etsy pages.


I saw several other great artists had work available to sell. While I didn’t get the links to all of them amoung the artists I got along with was Rhi of Moonlily Illustration. As well as being a fantastic artist she was a nice person to talk to that I look forward to seeing more from. You can find her work on her website and Facebook page.


Finally when I got home I put the art I’d bought up on my wall right away. The real highlight of the day that’s hard to explain in blog form is the interaction. Having all these wonderful friends to talk to has made the convention more than twice as fun as it used to be. I can’t wait for MCM this year, it’s going to be amazing.

BEDA 27 – Iron Man 3 Review


When you google image search Iron Man 3 and see that poster it’s hard not to use it as the main image for your review. Also don’t worry, this review will be spoiler free.

I’ll start by saying that this movie’s greatest strength is it’s all about Tony Stark as a character. The action is cool but what really makes this movie great is the character of Stark and his personal journey. The events of this movie effect Tony Stark more than Iron Man.


So how were the other characters? Well the movie did a great job with the supporting cast both old and new. There’s a kid with a pretty major role who I think worked well. He never felt forced on us and provided a couple of good laughs. The movie as a whole was very character driven.


I’ll admit some things did disappoint me. I was a little sad the movie didn’t have Rescue. That might be my fault, I saw a gif set of an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow which gave me the impression we’d get Rescue but I was just mistaken. That said the scenes she actually was talking about were cool.

Also as great as the movie’s take on The Mandarin was he was very much the Iron Man 3 villain rather than Stark’s most iconic foe. I also found his powers a little underwhelming compared to what he’s capable in the comics and other adaptations. But as a villain for this movie he was great, I just wish he’d been more than that.

Finally the things that you expect I can’t spoil. Stan Lee was funny though I wouldn’t put it amoung his best cameos. And yes there was a scene after the credits that I did think was great.

So right now that’s the only film from 2013 I’ve seen. I imagine it’ll be in my top 10 but not the top 5. It’s worth watching and a great start to 2013 in film.

With that all done I’m going to prepare for tomorrow. The Plymouth Expo!

BEDA 26 – Poker Night 2 First Impression


So this game finally came out today (not Tuesday like I originally thought it would). So naturally I started playing.

So first how is the gameplay compared to the first game. Well the opponents are trickier to beat. Well except maybe Ash Williams, he tends to go all in pretty early often leading to him being the first one to be knocked out.

But this is Poker Night at the Inventory, the dialogue is what matters most here. And from what I’ve played so far it’s great. Despite my limited knowledge of most of the players I still love every minute of it. I also like how Max is sat in the next table often being part of Sam’s dialogue. It’s nice seeing more interaction with people outside the table. GLaDOS will, as expected, criticize most moves you make.

From the games I’ve played the ones who seem to do the best are Sam and Claptrap. On that note I can see why people hate Claptrap a bit now, yet I can’t help but find him funny. He’s a bit like how Max was in the first Poker Night.

Sorry for the short entry today. As well as playing this game I spent all day drawing The Runaways and lost track of time.

BEDA 25 – Characters I’m Looking Forward To Drawing


So with yesterday’s BEDA (and VEDA) being about Marvel and characters it has made me interested in I figured I’d follow it up with characters I’m looking forward to drawing I haven’t gotten to yet.



Out of the members of Avengers Academy I like her design the most. I’m thinking of using Avengers Academy students to put together a Young Avengers team that isn’t just young versions of the more iconic Avengers (seriously the actual Young Avengers was led by teen counterparts of Iron Man, Captain American, Hawkeye and Vision).



I’ll be honest when I first saw this design I though teen Red Skull. But having read a bit more about him I think he’s pretty cool. I’m giving him a better outfit though, which is why I’m looking forward to drawing him.



Hank Pym is going to be fun to draw. I’m thinking of combining his identities and calling him Giant Ant Man or something. Either way I’m including that helmet, especially as it shows his link to Ultron.



Welcome to die! But seriously Magneto is a character I’ve been looking forward to drawing from the start. There are a few really neat takes on his design to work with.


Dr Doom

The only reason I didn’t draw him in the Masters of Evil was that he needed to be the leader of the team I draw him in. I’ve decided his team will be the Dark Avengers since that works as a team that could fight for either good or evil, just like Dr Doom in the comics.


Dr Strange

Because you can’t leave out the Sorcerer Supreme.


Doc Ock

I look forward to working on his design. Those arms are going to be a nightmare to draw though.



Even though I don’t have a spot for him on any teams I have planned I want to draw Carnage.



The best thing about Iron Man’s armour’s variety is that I can give Pepper a look that’s different enough from Tony’s armour while keeping true to the original look.


War Machine

And the same can be said here. It’ll be good designing War Machine in a way that’s not just black Iron Man with guns.



So with the recent Thor trailer I decided I want to draw a team with Sif in it. Maybe a cross between the Warriors Three and Warbound.

That’s all for now. I might make another of these for DC since that’ll be my next project.

BEDA 24 – Marvel


So ever since I started my art project of drawing Marvel characters I’ve found myself interested in a few more characters than before. While making today’s VEDA I decided I wanted to make my BEDA about these characters.


Flash Thompson as Venom

He’s pretty much a cross between Spider-man (while wearing the symbiote) and The Punisher. As much as I like Venom as a villain I like this approach too which is why I drew both.

Venom Agent Venom


Avengers Academy

I recently picked up a volume of this series. Mainly because The Runaways appear in said volume but also because I wanted to learn more about these characters. I only know their designs but it’s the newer characters like these that have the most potential (too bad Avengers Arena is trying to ruin that).


The Runaways

They’re quickly becoming some of my favourite Marvel characters. I did a review of the first arc here on BEDA a while back. Since then I’ve read chapters where they interact with some of the more iconic Marvel heroes. I especially liked the chapter where Gert and Spider-man have a chat which leads to this


Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

While she always seemed cool in previous Avengers comics I’d read it was through my art project I became interested in her as a character and reading her solo work. I really hope she gets introduced to the movies because she deserves it. Carol Danvers in Avengers 2, make it happen Marvel.


Squirrel Girl

This might be the greatest character Marvel has ever created. The most powerful too considering she’s defeated Dr. Doom, Wolverine, Thanos and other powerful characters in the past. And much like Deadpool she’s no stranger to the fourth wall.

You can see my Marvel art so far here. I’ve already drawn some of the characters (including Squirrel Girl) and I’m currently drawing the Runaways.