BEDA 2 – Review Of The Guardians

Today was World Autism Awareness Day. I personally have autism and was pleased to have been a part of a video by my friend Barry Aldridge made which I highly recommend.

Last night I watched the film Rise Of The Guardians which was a film not only suggested to me by friends on Facebook but has quite the fan following. I was reluctant for a while as I really don’t like the design for the character of Jack Frost (who I refer to as blue hoodie kid), especially when compared to the other more creative designs in the movie.

But once I got past that (which took some time as they introduced him wearing a much better outfit which included a cape, why’d he stop wearing that?) I found him to be an alright character. His journey was an interesting one and I liked how his bond with each guardian grew. That said he is extremely overrated. To me the real star of the film was
The Sniper from Team Fortress 2. The Easter Bunny was the funniest character in the movie and considering it was Easter recently I’d say my viewing was well timed. As a whole I found this to be an enjoyable film but not one of my favourite movies from 2012.

Well if I don’t post this now it’ll be Wednesday. See you tomorrow.


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