BEDA 3 – Radioactive Spider Glider

As I type this I am currently watching The Amazing Spider-Man

In case the film is longer than the hours left in the day I will start the blog now. I was aiming to watch this earlier but things didn’t go as planned. I will post my thoughts as the film progresses.

First off what’s he doing using Bing? Google is clearly the superior search engine. Forced advertizing there.

I think this film did a better job at giving Flash Thompson character development than the previous films. I can see this Flash becoming the way he is the comics right now. If the movies do get Venom I wouldn’t mind them skipping Eddie Brock.

They’ve also got Spider-Man’s humour down. Hopefully it’ll stick around (it didn’t sadly).

The problem with origin story movies is the hero doesn’t really get lesser villains to fight. I think this film would have been better if by the point I’m at right now we’d seen Spider-Man fight the Rhino or something before encountering the main antagonist.

Oh and why can’t any movie Spider-Man leave his mask on?

Every scene with Peter and Gwen’s romance results in my dad saying “when’s he going to go fight some lizards?”, he does this with every movie.

Oh Stan Lee, this might be one of my favourite cameos you’ve had.

Well despite what I thought the film ended before the day did. It’s a good film, it had its flaws but for what it was I liked it. I am looking forward to the sequel, my main problem with this film is it spent more time on the origin and not enough on Spider-Man.

Tomorrow I’m going to be going bowling with my friends so I’ll probably blog and vlog from town.


One thought on “BEDA 3 – Radioactive Spider Glider

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