BEDA 6 – Pokémon Smash

So I decided I’d keep an eye out for when the new Pokémon gets revealed. In a few minutes Pokémon Smash will start. I decided while I wait I’ll type about what I’ve witnessed while waiting.


First as mentioned on VEDA is something that seems to be called Girlfriend BETA

There have been some odd shows, a dubbed shark movie and better adverts than those we have in the UK. At some point /vp/ (4chan’s Pokémon board) found a new feature to exploit.

vp yes robocop

And have been using it ever since. I took a break to watch Doctor Who, I talked a bit about it on my VEDA but I’ll post a full review on it and the episode before on tomorrow’s VEDA.


And so the reveal was a new form for Mewtwo. While this form was leaked it looks much better here and in the footage than the leaked images. It reminds me of Majin Buu (amusing considering the Freeza comparisons Mewtwo gets). While I would have preferred to see a brand new Pokémon this is still a great design. I hope Mewtwo isn’t the only previous generation Pokémon to get a new form in this game.


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