BEDA 7 – Top 10 Movies Of 2012


After a lot of thinking I have finally put together a top 10 list of films from 2012. BEDA was the perfect excuse to finally get to making and posting it.

First what I consider a 2012 film. I judge by the year it first came out. If a film came out in the UK in 2013 but was released in 2012 in the US I count it as a 2012 film. With that out of the way here is the list.


The Hunger Games

Yes I know there were probably several groans from people seeing this film show up on the list. It was met with a very mixed response. The reason this is on here over the films fighting for the #11 spot is because most of my issues with this film aren’t with the story, they’re with the marketing. I think the Hunger Games books have a solid story and interesting characters you do care about despite knowing anyone could die at any second before even starting. The movie is a decent adaptation all things considered. That said it is extremely overrated, mostly as a result of the marketing. I also think it does alienate those who haven’t read the book already though considering how much of the book is what Katniss is thinking that’s understandable. In short it’s in the top 10 list for its strengths and its at the bottom for its weaknesses.


The Dark Knight Rises

I know a few people who would mark this higher on their lists and others who wouldn’t include it in the first place. I should start by saying I didn’t really like The Dark Knight, in fact I’d call it ok at best. I didn’t like Nolan’s take on The Joker and no matter how good Heath Ledger’s performance was it just didn’t feel like I was watching Batman vs The Joker. The reason I say this is because Bane was the opposite. He was a perfect example of making changes while keeping the core of the character alive. What makes Bane great was never Venom, it was his great mind that led him to be the man who broke the bat. Bane was a fantastic antagonist but not just that, I like how this gave a satisfying ending to the Batman story and gave each character something important to do and a conclusion of their own. Anne Hathaway was a great Catwoman, in fact I’d say she’s my favourite live action take on the character. The returning greats Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman once again did an amazing job portraying their characters. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Blake was a nice amalgam of the different Robins in a way that both fans of Robin and those who hoped he wouldn’t appear could appreciate. Out of the cast I’d say the weakest was Bale. In my opinion this is the best film in the trilogy.


Men In Black 3

I didn’t think this was going to be top 10 material going it. I thought it would be a fun film but nothing special. As it turns out I think this is a much better film than Men In Black 2 which was those thing. MIB2 I felt was a fanservice feature giving major roles to popular minor characters from the first film MIB3 is a character driven story with a lot of heart. It explores J and K’s relationship more and we see them grow as characters. Josh Brolin does an amazing job playing the young Agent K being the perfect balance of Tommy Lee Jones similarities and his take on the character, it was their combined performance that made K the highlight of the film. If you were unsure if you wanted to see this film but are a fan of the previous films you should give it a shot.



I feel like this film gets too much hate. I think there’s too much expectation from Pixar these days, people expect things to be Toy Story 3 good or Cars 2 bad. Brave is a charming film with a delightful story and a great cast. The look of the film is beautiful, Pixar went all out in making the characters and scenery stand out, I can’t get enough of the art that is Pixar’s animation. One thing I thought was great was a lack of a real villain, even the witch was just trying to run a business. But the true heart of this film is the relationship between Merida and her mother, rather than one being right and the other wrong we see them learn more about each other and how their actions have been hurting each other. It’s a film I’m glad to have on my top 10.



One of the main influences towards me watching this was some great crossover fanart by a friend of mine. I’d also heard some good things about the film so I decided to check it out. It was better than I expected, it’s an interesting take on zombies that audiences too young for zombie movies can enjoy while audiences who are can enjoy the film as a solid film. I should address the elephant in the room and say the reveal concerning Niel’s brother Mitch works very well, it’s short, simple and funny. The characters are great, the animation is great and the comedy is great. If you missed this one check it out.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The newest addition to this list. I was looking at the films friends suggested and remembered a few of my friends liked this one and that I didn’t actually know anything about it. This is a beautiful heartwarming/heartbreaking/heartrepairing story of friendship. I don’t know how much to say without spoiling, I went into this movie only knowing what I’d seen in one trailer and I think that’s a good way to watch this. The characters are relatable and you care about what happens to them, not just the main trio either but their friends and family. I am glad I got to see this film before putting this list together, I’d like to thank my friends who either recommended this or mentioned it among films from last year you liked.


Pokémon Best Wishes: Kyurem Vs The Sacred Swordsman – Keldeo

So as you might have guessed I’m a big fan of Pokémon. It’s been my favourite franchise for years and I still love watching the movies each year. Movie 15 is a fun adventure, the focus is on Keldeo growing as a character so get can walk as one of the sacred swordsmen who he looks up to. Kyurem is awesome and intimidating. I’m really looking forward to this year’s movie, especially now that Mewtwo has a new form to show off. I’ve used the Japanese name and trailer because I watched it in Japanese (can’t stand the current dub cast)


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

When I was a child this book was read to me by my parents. So I was looking forward to this not because of the Lord of the Rings movies but because this is part of my childhood. Once again the look of Middle Earth is beautiful (I’ve said that word a lot in this blog) and the cast so an amazing job. As this has been released as a prequel it has a few tie in scenes for “movie first” audiences which sometimes dragged on (the prologue took a bit too long for example) but worked considering this was released after LotR, though it does mean future generations might feel odd starting with this film. But the core of the book I love is there, Martin Freeman is a better Bilbo that anyone I could have imagined and should be in every adaptation of a classic British book from now on (especially considering the success of Sherlock, plus I liked him as Arthur Dent in HHGttG). I’m glad they’re saving the reveal of Smaug for the sequel, it shows they understand he’s an iconic character and can’t just be any old dragon. I can’t wait to see the next movie.


The Avengers

For the longest time this was #1. I love what Marvel has been doing with their movieverse and this was the big one. What can I say that hasn’t been said? This is my favourite live action super hero film, it lived up the the hype and was worth the wait. Joss Whedon continues to amaze me and I am so glad he will be returning for the sequel. Out of all live action super hero movies this feels the most like a comic brought to life.

And now….


Wreck-It Ralph

Oh sweet Arceus I love this movie. I love the cameos, the references, the gamer humour, the story, the characters, the animation. Everything. The sprite art is, yep, beautiful especially in the ending credits. I hated that the UK release of this was delayed until February this year, I will never understand why animated films get delayed here in the UK so much. This film captures the feeling of video game worlds better than any adaptation of a game ever will and it creates its own worlds just as well. The cameos are there just the right amount, they don’t distract from the story or get involved but show the vast and familiar gaming world. The only thing it needed to be the Roger Rabbit of gaming was a scene like this.


Well that’s my top 10. I might post some other top 10 lists if I can think of any. Let me know what you think and what your favourite movies from 2012 were.


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