BEDA 9 – The Runaways

So as some of you might be aware I’ve been drawing Marvel characters. It’s been a fun project and one thing it has done is made me more aware of Marvel characters and teams I might not have known otherwise. One example of this is The Runaways.


Now the first thing you probably noticed was that there’s a raptor with a nose ring in the group. Yep, that’s the first thing I noticed too and what caught my attention.

Well today I obtained and read the first three volumes which covers the first main arc. And I have to say that this is a pretty neat series.

The plot centers around of group of teenagers who find out their parents are a group of super villains called The Pride. They also learn that they each have a power or tool inherited from said parents. As the title suggests they run away and the real story starts from there.

The group has a neat selection. Nico, a magic user. Molly, a mutant with super strength. Karolina, an alien. Chase, a tech user. Alex, the smart one. And my personal favourites Gertrude and Old Lace.


I’ve only read the first story arc but I look forward to seeing more from this team. I also hear there might be a movie planned, if it is I really hope it’s in the main Marvel Movieverse because not only would it expand that universe but it would give this team more attention.

Now I need to go read some Clash of Kings so I can start watching the new season of Game of Thrones.



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