BEDA 10 – Dragon Ball, One Piece, Toriko Crossover Review


So I recently watched the crossover between Toei Animation’s biggest Shonen Jump shows. Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Toriko (which is more popular in Japan that it is over here).

So what force could bring these iconic heroes to one place? Food of course (and in the case of a few of the supporting characters money).

So how is the special? It’s funny, very funny. The focus of the episodes is mixing the comedy of the three franchises. It’s split into two episodes each spending most of its time on comedy with a big fight at the end.

The fights are a nice treat and where the animation is at its best. Though Goku, Luffy and Toriko do tend to keep using the same move a bit much in the final fight with the tentacle monster (yes they fight a tentacle monster, which they eat afterwards). The best fight in my opinion was the three way fight between the heroes in the first episode.

The animation was a bit poorly drawn at times but it wasn’t too distracting. As someone who doesn’t watch or read Toriko I had no real trouble understanding the characters. In conclusion if you’re a fan of at least Dragon Ball Z and One Piece you should check this special out.

Now on a similar note I’m really looking forward to this game.

Hopefully it’ll get a UK release. If not I’ll have to get a Japanese Vita and play the portable version.


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