BEDA 11 – Stuff

So today I didn’t have much to talk about for my VEDA other than the internet’s reaction to Thatcher’s death getting worse.

So what can I discuss here? Well I have ideas but I doubt I’d be able to write them in the half and hour that is left of the day. For example I want to make my top 20 villain songs but I need to really think about that one. I also want to talk about how my opinion on Glee changed over time but again it would need more time.

So what’s today’s BEDA about? Procrastination and poor timing I guess. When I first did VEDA I had several last hours of the day videos where I had nothing to say but needed a video.

The next few days should be fun though. I’ve got an Exeter YouTube gathering to go to on Sunday and Doctor Who is on Saturday. I’m also going to try and work on writing the two blog ideas that I would have done today had I more time.

So… pictures?



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