BEDA 12 – Why I Stopped Watching Glee


Last time I watched Glee would have been in September of 2011. Season three had started and I was reluctant to catch up. By the following year when season four had been going on and I still hadn’t caught up I had lost all the interest I used to have in the show with no desire to catch up again.

So why the change of heart and long wait before deciding not to watch any more? Well first we need to look back at what I liked about Glee in the first place and how I used to feel about the show.

So I’d heard about Glee for a while but knew nothing about it. I knew it was popular and that was about it. One day I decided to check out the pilot on iTunes and in a few days I’d watched all the episodes that had aired (this being the first half of season 1).

First thing I noticed was that Jayma Mays had a starring role. This made me happy because I’ve thought she deserved more attention as an actress since Heroes. I also liked the way the songs told the story and were often chosen based on the plot (we’ll get to this later). I found the characters interesting and each actor did a great job with their role (I still think the cast is great now even if the characters have decreased in quality. At the core was a charming story of overcoming difficult odds as well as forming friendships.


If I’m honest if Glee had ended there I’d have been just fine. It wrapped up the main story arcs and the Will and Emma relationship was a hopeful mystery.

But it did continue and I enjoyed the rest of season one. The reason I say I’d be fine with that mid season ending as the final episode is that season one leads into season two which I had mixed opinions on.


First the positives. The new characters led to new stories and were nice additions to the cast. This included Darren “Harry Potter” Criss from Starkid (granted I hadn’t seen any Starkid shows at this point) as a fan favourite Blaine who brought with him the Warblers who did what Glee does best, sing songs in a different style. I also liked the original song Loser Like Me (the other original songs were kind of meh)

But I didn’t really like season two. It started with something that still annoys me today. Breaking up a couple off-screen between seasons so they could introduce two new ones. Now I liked Artie and Tina’s relationship, they weren’t one of the main couples but they had cute moments along with genuine obstacles to overcome. But no, they were split up. But the thing that really annoyed me? What replaced them. Artie started dating Brittany but seemed more like her father than her boyfriend but worst of all Tina started dating former background character Mike.

I hate Mike. He is the worst character on the show because his entire character is dancing and saying the word Asian every five seconds. I don’t remember a scene in season two that had Mike speaking where the word Asian didn’t escape his lips. WE GET IT, YOU’RE ASIAN! So as a result Tina, one of my favourite characters from season 1, shared all her scenes with this annoying character.

Then you had character derailment. Finn for example had been in a relationship ruined by the fact he got cheated on. So what does he do? He gets that very same girl to cheat on her boyfriend with him. Oh and speaking of Quinn she reverted right back to her original personality with no real motivation even though she’d made such progress. Kurt turned into a jerk, he went on a fit about the fact Mr. Schue made his stance on Britney Spears being a bad role model clear (he had good reasons as well, too bad he changed his mind) and later insults bisexuals just because the guy he likes thinks he might be bi, yet Kurt’s meant to be the good guy in both those episodes.

But it draws to a close with promise of season three being better…

Nope. Season three starts with the exact same problem I had with season two’s opening episode. A couple is broken up off-screen between seasons. But this time it was even worse because it was a couple that we only just saw had gotten together in the previous episode. Mercades and Sam were pretty much a preview for season three but nope, they broke up and Mercades had already hooked up with some guy we never saw before. Oh and Sam is gone because they didn’t renew Chord’s contract or something.

I also by this point felt the songs had lost their magic. More recent chart songs were getting chosen over songs that were better suited to the plot simply because Glee was popular now. And with Blane no longer in the Warblers most songs were sung almost exactly like the original. The creativity in the music was dying.

But I soon stopped. Why? Because I saw what the next episode I had to watch was. An episode all about Mike. Not just that but the title Asian F meant we were in for more of his annoying need to bring up his race as a plot point. So the question was do I skip it or is it important later in the season due to a side plot? So I focused on other shows I watched instead figuring I can watch Glee again at some point.

Time goes by, I still like the Facebook page thus learning about things that happen in the show. I keep learning things that make me more reluctant to catch up. My main problem was how they treated the couples, they weren’t there for good writing but as a selling point. That Facebook page exploited fans love of these couples, then broke them up to give them new couples to exploit. I’m pretty sure everyone in New Directions has dated each other at some point. After a while I had enough, I clicked unlike and didn’t want to watch the show any more.

So yeah, I used to like Glee and now I don’t. Why make a blog about this now when I stopped watching ages ago? I don’t know, here’s my VEDA.


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