BEDA 14 – Exeter Gathering


Today I went to a YouTube gathering with the above people. I didn’t really get any photos or footage but we had a wonderful day filled with long and interesting conversations about a wide range of subjects.

Some of these subjects might be good topics for me to revisit in future blogs/vlogs. The pros and cons of both Russel T Davies and Steven Moffat’s writing in Doctor Who for example. One thing I liked is even though members of the group had their preferred writer of the two we for the most part agreed about what they were good at and what they struggled with.

Towards the end when there were only four of us left we just kept jumping from topic to topic each time as a result of a relevant transition that led to a very different discussion.

Things also got silly. Musicals and Team Fortress 2 videos were quoted along with other random moments.

I feel really lucky to have friends like these. We have a wide range of similarities and differences and that does lead to some really unique and interesting discussions and overall fun days each time I see them. Thank you for yet another great gathering and I hope to see you all again soon.


One thought on “BEDA 14 – Exeter Gathering

  1. Hey there, Becca here. I’m glad you had a good time too; I loved seeing you all. There’s nothing quite like the conversations you have at gatherings 🙂 See you again sometime.

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