BEDA 15 – Pokémon X & Y


So I thought I’d share my thoughts on what we know about Pokémon X and Y so far. As a big fan of the series I am naturally exited.


The jump from sprites to 3D is one that has caused a mixed reaction. Many furious at such a change, others saying it’s about time. Personally I do like the new look but I can’t help but miss the sprites that have been with the main games. Personally I would have liked a CG overworld with sprite battles but I think X & Y have done a good job of making the graphics stand out alone rather than being better or worse than another.

Next are, of course, the Pokémon themselves.


Chespin is cute. I can see it being popular when the anime of X & Y starts much like Oshawott before it. Out of the starters I think this has the best potential in its evolved form.


Fennekin is ok but I think I’ll like its evolved forms more. Hopefully it’ll break the Fire/Fighting chain we’ve been having since Gen III.


Froakie is my personal favourite of the starters. I think this guy works as a stand alone Pokémon to be honest. I hope he’ll stay as a frog as he evolves rather than turn into a toad to create a tougher look.


Sylveon might be my favourite Eeveelution right now. I do hope Gamefreak would hurry up and reveal its type already because I’m sick of people coming up with new type suggestions.


I wasn’t sure about Xerneas at first but I quite like it now. I wonder if the anime will give it a separate movie from Yvetal, I’ll be honest the two of them don’t feel as rival like as the last two generations box legendaries.


Yvetal is awesome. Much like Sylveon I wish we could see what type it is already. As much as I like dragon types I’d prefer if it and Xernas would break the recent pattern of box legendaries being dragons.


Finally Mewtwo. I’ve already discussed the fact I really like this design. I do wish it didn’t get so much negative attention, I feel like people think this new form is replacing the regular Mewtwo when that’s not the case. I like both regular Mewtwo and Newtwo.

Mewtwo’s new form also got my thinking about what if other legendaries got new forms. Here are some I would love to see.

484Palkia 483Dialga

Since Giratina has an alternate form its only fair that these two get one too.


Heatran never really felt like a legendary to me. A new form could allow it to shine. Plus it could get a bigger role in the anime, most of its anime appearances made it seem like a regular non legendary Pokémon.


The origin of Genesect involves it being upgraded from a fossil. Well why not have a new form of it without the upgrades? That or the flight form from the anime.


Yes Kyurem already has enough forms but the original dragon is still something we haven’t seen. Kyurem used to be one with both Reshiram and Zekrom.


And finally Lugia. Make Shadow Lugia an actual form.

That’s all for now. If any now information comes out this month I’ll be sure to discuss it.


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