BEDA 17 – Promoting Friends’ Photography

As a follow up to yesterday’s BEDA today I’ll be linking to a few of my photographer friends’ pages.




Holly Collings Photography

One of the most talented photographers I know. Her talents range from editing to self portrait to storytelling to things I don’t know what to call. She’s even taken some pretty neat pictures of me. She has her own website and a Facebook page where you can find her work.



Joel Rundle

One of my friends I’ve made through YouTube Joel is skilled at both video making and photography. I think it would be nice for his work to get recognized and hopefully this blog will help with that. You can find his work on Facebook.



Charlotte Davey Photography and Video

Charlotte is one of my many best friends and the reason I know most of the people in this blog (not all though, Joel for example I met before Charlotte). Whenever she’s attended a YouTube Gathering you’re likely to find a video from Charlotte that sums up just how much fun that day was. You can find her videos on YouTube and her photography on Facebook.



Shinotama Photography & Design

Mike might own more photography equipment than anyone I know. And that equipment is put to good use. He is also skilled in graphic design. You can find Mike’s work at his website.



Dark Star Photography

I met Emma through Brony Gatherings. She helps her friend Toya run a modelling agency which allows her to photograph a wide range of people. Many of the people she has photographed are friends of mine (such as the four people pictured above). Her work can be found on her Facebook page as well as the website and Facebook page for Aesthetic Clarity.



Oxyte* Photo

The previously mentioned Toya is also a photographer herself. Most of her work is for Aesthetic Clarity but she has done some great work outside that which shouldn’t be overlooked. You can find her work at her Facebook page as well as the Aesthetic Clarity Facebook page and website.

Next time I’ll promote my friends with cosplay pages.


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