BEDA 18 – Promoting Friends’ Cosplay

As a member of many fandoms who has friends who are members of an equally wide rage of fanbases I know quite a few cosplays. Sadly many don’t have pages for their cosplay for me to post. Just know that this is just a small percentage of my talented cosplayer friends (the same goes for the previous entries on drawing and photography). So with that said lets get started.




Cotton Candy Cosplay

During my time at Aesthetic Clarity one of the friends I made was Dawn. She is an extremely dedicated cosplayer often aiming for three different outfits for each MCM Expo. And each outfit I’ve seen her wear she pulls of perfectly, she even does a great job capturing the character of the people she cosplays. As well as seeing her cosplay her page shows the work that goes into putting her outfits together as well as promotions other cosplayers she knows. It’s also important to note that amoung the photographers who took these pictures are the very people I promoted in yesterday’s blog. You can find Dawn’s cosplay at her Facebook page.



Buttons’ Adventure in Cosplay

If you read my first art BEDA post you’ll remember I mentioned that Alice also did cosplay. Well she has a page for it too. I think her cosplay page deserves more attention as she is skilled at not just cosplay but designing outfits. She’s dressed as humanized versions of non human characters and dressed as her own original characters. Check out her Facebook page as well as the links to her art in Tuesday’s BEDA.



Nightmare in Wonderland

One of my newest cosplayer friends Sammy has put together some truly amazing outfits. And each time you see her in costume it’s hard to tell she’s the same person. I’ve not known Sammy long but she’s been a truly fun person to be around and I look forward to seeing what her next look will be like. You can find her page on Facebook.



Harley Quinn’s Army

Speaking of Sammy she recently invited me to like this page so I think it’s only fair I promote it here. It’s for multiple Harley Quinn cosplayers so if you’re a fan of the character and you like cosplay you should check it out. It like everything else is on Facebook.



The Adventures of Oncoming Storm. 11th Doctor Cosplayer and Actalike

I don’t know him very well but there’s no way I could leave him out of this. I’ve seen him show up at a couple of the larger YouTube gatherings and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him break character. He’s also been fortunate to have met many of the actors from the show. Check out his page on Facebook.

I’m not sure what tomorrow’s theme will be but I do still have more friends I’d like to promote the work of.


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