BEDA 19 – Promoting Friends’ Handmade Accessories

So to wrap up my promoting friends’ art series we have cool accessories that my friends make and sell themselves.

Handmade Accessories



Knitters Gonna Knit

One of my friends I made via YouTube Gatherings is Zoe. If you’ve seen photos of me with a pink bow attached to my hat (one is in the above examples) I bought that from her at a gathering. She’s also made pretty neat Christmas tree decorations (which I used last Christmas and will use again this year), soft toys and custom designs through requests. If you want something knitted you should consider asking her. You can find her work on Facebook and Etsy. I’ll also include a link to her new YouTube channel and her previous one with a wide selection of videos (including some of her being part of a duo with Charlotte that I named JellyRave).



Always Alternative

And through my time at Aesthetic Clarity I met Erica who makes jewelry and other accessories with her friend Louise. Their focus is making unique accessories and I think they’ve done a great job at doing just that. You can find their work on Facebook and their website.

Well with that done I hope this helps each of my friends from all four of these latest BEDA entries to get more attention to their art. And I guess now I’ve got to think of new topics again.


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