BEDA 21 – Annoying Facebook Shared Images


So on Facebook when you know enough people there is going to be some people sharing an image from a page they like. I’m guilty of it and for the most part it’s fine, in fact it can be entertaining. Earlier today for example I saw this show up on my wall.


And it made me laugh. And I should say in advance if you the reader have shared any of the images I’m about the criticize I’m not targeting you but the image itself and the people behind it.

But yeah as much as Facebook image sharing can be enjoyable there are certain images that I am sick of seeing. As the first image suggests the kind that makes me the most annoyed?


The Like/Share/Comment vote things are bad enough but I am so sick of seeing these in particular. The comment option is already a poor method of voting because people will comment for other reasons including to say they like another option more. But ignore? You can’t tell how many people ignored your image so how can it be a vote? Because you’re not going to count votes and see which option wins (especially in the above image where all options are for the same guy) you just attention drawn to your page.

Which leads me to the biggest problem with these images. It’s always Justin Bieber every time. We get it, people find Justin Bieber annoying. But I’m exposed to the guy more through images like this than seeing Beliebers top the trending topics on Twitter.


I mean look at this image. What has Justin Bieber got to do with Naruto? Nothing. And even if he did surely Tenten or Temari make more sense as options given the rest of the choices. Oh sorry, he’s just there so people can say “well I can’t vote for Justin Bieber”


And even outside the Like/Share/Comment/Ignore genre I still see people forcing references to how they hate Justin Bieber when he hasn’t got anything to do with the rest of the picture. The above image has characters from Doctor Who, Sherlock and Supernatural yet Bieber is there. Why? So they can say “ha ha Bieber dies, because I hate Justin Bieber”. It’s because of this image that I worry about how people who share and make these images will act when Justin Bieber does die.

I’d understand if it said “shared from the Bieber Sucks page” but no, they’re almost always shared from pages that have nothing to do with him.

And here’s the thing. I don’t even like Justin Bieber. I couldn’t care less about him. I find his music boring and the only reason he stands out is because people talk about him. But I can choose to ignore his stuff. Yet it’s the people who dislike the guy who I see post about him.

But moving away from that we also have…


Ok I get this image is trying to say that women who aren’t super skinny are still beautiful but why does it feel the need to push the women who are skinny down to do it. Isn’t that exactly what you’re meant to be arguing against? Not to mention your bias shows in your choice of images. Here we see an official shot of Marilyn Monroe against a paparazzi shot of… I don’t know the picture isn’t clear enough. The professional photographer takes a shot of the iconic actress (who society still praises for her looks by the way) while a paparazzi will take shots when their target isn’t prepared.


And here we see the exact same problem. An obvious bias. Here we’re not using celebrities (and least I don’t think they are) but for the “society” option we see the person in the photo took it herself while the tattooed girl had hers taken by someone with an understanding of photography. Not to mention the only problem with the girl on the left is she’s pulling a silly face but I’m sure when she’s not doing that there’s nothing wrong with her looks.

Of course some people have made amusing satire of these images

l275Gwhen did this become hotter than this 4

But I don’t really see them on Facebook that much. No instead I see people who think that the way to defend people who are insulted for how they look is to insult how other people look. Fortunately I have friends who share images like this.


Finally Facebook is the worst place to see memes. I love memes. I even like those that everyone else seems to hate. But the place where I’ll get sick of seeing a meme is Facebook because I see EVERY variation on a meme at a way too frequent pace. At the moment the meme I’m sick of seeing is this


Yes this was funny. But it works better when seen occasionally. Seeing it on my wall every day just ruins the joke. The last one to make me laugh was this one


The problem with the Ramsey meme is that the jokes are funny but I see them too much that I can’t enjoy them.

Now again if you’ve shared these images none of my issues are with you. This is because no one can tell how much friends of your friends that you don’t know are sharing the same thing.

No the fault is the pages for not only making these images but reuploading them to get more hits.


2 thoughts on “BEDA 21 – Annoying Facebook Shared Images

    • I don’t know what you mean. I need their please? I didn’t even mention One Direction. Do you mean I should have brought them up? I’ll be honest I don’t see stuff about them as much on Facebook shared images (and when they are I’d say my comments about Bieber apply). Their fans do get annoying in Twitter’s trending topics though.

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