BEDA 22 – Crossovers


I love crossovers. I love seeing two (or more) franchises come together. A shared universe, parallel universes or even just something silly with no explanation.


It’s especially great in animation because we usually get to see how characters look in the art style of the other series. Not always but when it does happen it’s always great to see.


Other times it’s just great to see characters you like together. But often what I love about a crossover is being introduced to a new franchise. The Dragon Ball X One Piece X Toriko crossover I reviewed earlier this month for example. I’m a fan of Dragon Ball and One Piece but I haven’t actually read or watched Toriko. Yet this special made me want to see more of Toriko the character.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of my favourite movies and a big part of that is the fact it’s a huge crossover between several toon characters from different companies as well as a crossover of animation and live action.

So why am I talking about crossovers? Because this Friday Poker Night 2 comes out.


The entire appeal of this game is the crossover. And to be honest I’m only really familiar with two characters in this new game. Sam and GLaDOS. I know about the others but haven’t played or watched the things they’re from. I know I should (especially Evil Dead) but still I know enough to look forward to seeing how they interact.


In the first game I knew all the characters and I think it was the first game I ever got on Steam. The dialogue was the real appeal of the game since I had no idea how Poker worked. I’m going to play it again after I post this to prepare me for the sequel.

So yeah the main reason for this BEDA is to say I’m looking forward to playing Poker Night 2. But also to share my love of crossovers. That and it was the only topic I could think of.


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