BEDA 23 – My Convention History

So while editing my, unfortunately very short, VEDA vlog today I remembered I could have talked about the upcoming Plymouth Expo.


I’ll vlog promoting it towards the end of the week but still I figured for my BEDA readers I’ll talk about why I’m looking forward to this.


I’ve always loved conventions. Looking back the first real convention I ever attended was the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing in 2006. I met the people behind Weebl’s Stuff as well as the creators of the comic Brodies Law. It was a fun day out.


But my first major convention with cosplayers and a large venue was the MCM Expo on 2009. It was a truly amazing experience and even waiting in line was enjoyable due to the fact I was seeing how many characters I recognized in the line (and considering how long that line was that’s saying something because I hate queuing).


After the amazing time I had in 2009 I went to two MCM Expos the following year. One in February and then the October one again but this time I was there both of the main days.


It was another wonderful experience but sadly that was the last MCM Expo I’ve been to. I do plan to fix that this year by going to the May and October Expo this year though. But yes the following year I was introduced to YouTube Gatherings and so instead of a convention the big event I attended in 2011 was Summer in the City.


I include Summer in the City in this blog post because it had many of the same elements of conventions but introduced a new element that YouTube Gatherings already had. The focus on friendship. Many of the friends I made during those three days are some of the best friends I have and sadly are people I don’t see very much due to their locations.


Last year I found myself attending two smaller Expos. One in Exeter (that I didn’t get many good photos from) and another in Plymouth. This time I knew a few of the people attending and even went to the Plymouth Expo with a group of my friends. I made a few new friends and got to spent more time with some I don’t see very much.


The last Expo I attended was the Exeter Expo early this year. This event was one where I spent most of my time hanging out with friends and making new ones. It was a mix between a gathering and a convention which made it something special.

Which brings us to this weekend. Many of my friends from the Exeter Expo will be attending and I can’t wait to see them. I will be sure to return with photos and video for you guys. And any of you reading this that plan to attend I shall see you there.


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