BEDA 24 – Marvel


So ever since I started my art project of drawing Marvel characters I’ve found myself interested in a few more characters than before. While making today’s VEDA I decided I wanted to make my BEDA about these characters.


Flash Thompson as Venom

He’s pretty much a cross between Spider-man (while wearing the symbiote) and The Punisher. As much as I like Venom as a villain I like this approach too which is why I drew both.

Venom Agent Venom


Avengers Academy

I recently picked up a volume of this series. Mainly because The Runaways appear in said volume but also because I wanted to learn more about these characters. I only know their designs but it’s the newer characters like these that have the most potential (too bad Avengers Arena is trying to ruin that).


The Runaways

They’re quickly becoming some of my favourite Marvel characters. I did a review of the first arc here on BEDA a while back. Since then I’ve read chapters where they interact with some of the more iconic Marvel heroes. I especially liked the chapter where Gert and Spider-man have a chat which leads to this


Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

While she always seemed cool in previous Avengers comics I’d read it was through my art project I became interested in her as a character and reading her solo work. I really hope she gets introduced to the movies because she deserves it. Carol Danvers in Avengers 2, make it happen Marvel.


Squirrel Girl

This might be the greatest character Marvel has ever created. The most powerful too considering she’s defeated Dr. Doom, Wolverine, Thanos and other powerful characters in the past. And much like Deadpool she’s no stranger to the fourth wall.

You can see my Marvel art so far here. I’ve already drawn some of the characters (including Squirrel Girl) and I’m currently drawing the Runaways.


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