BEDA 25 – Characters I’m Looking Forward To Drawing


So with yesterday’s BEDA (and VEDA) being about Marvel and characters it has made me interested in I figured I’d follow it up with characters I’m looking forward to drawing I haven’t gotten to yet.



Out of the members of Avengers Academy I like her design the most. I’m thinking of using Avengers Academy students to put together a Young Avengers team that isn’t just young versions of the more iconic Avengers (seriously the actual Young Avengers was led by teen counterparts of Iron Man, Captain American, Hawkeye and Vision).



I’ll be honest when I first saw this design I though teen Red Skull. But having read a bit more about him I think he’s pretty cool. I’m giving him a better outfit though, which is why I’m looking forward to drawing him.



Hank Pym is going to be fun to draw. I’m thinking of combining his identities and calling him Giant Ant Man or something. Either way I’m including that helmet, especially as it shows his link to Ultron.



Welcome to die! But seriously Magneto is a character I’ve been looking forward to drawing from the start. There are a few really neat takes on his design to work with.


Dr Doom

The only reason I didn’t draw him in the Masters of Evil was that he needed to be the leader of the team I draw him in. I’ve decided his team will be the Dark Avengers since that works as a team that could fight for either good or evil, just like Dr Doom in the comics.


Dr Strange

Because you can’t leave out the Sorcerer Supreme.


Doc Ock

I look forward to working on his design. Those arms are going to be a nightmare to draw though.



Even though I don’t have a spot for him on any teams I have planned I want to draw Carnage.



The best thing about Iron Man’s armour’s variety is that I can give Pepper a look that’s different enough from Tony’s armour while keeping true to the original look.


War Machine

And the same can be said here. It’ll be good designing War Machine in a way that’s not just black Iron Man with guns.



So with the recent Thor trailer I decided I want to draw a team with Sif in it. Maybe a cross between the Warriors Three and Warbound.

That’s all for now. I might make another of these for DC since that’ll be my next project.


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