BEDA 26 – Poker Night 2 First Impression


So this game finally came out today (not Tuesday like I originally thought it would). So naturally I started playing.

So first how is the gameplay compared to the first game. Well the opponents are trickier to beat. Well except maybe Ash Williams, he tends to go all in pretty early often leading to him being the first one to be knocked out.

But this is Poker Night at the Inventory, the dialogue is what matters most here. And from what I’ve played so far it’s great. Despite my limited knowledge of most of the players I still love every minute of it. I also like how Max is sat in the next table often being part of Sam’s dialogue. It’s nice seeing more interaction with people outside the table. GLaDOS will, as expected, criticize most moves you make.

From the games I’ve played the ones who seem to do the best are Sam and Claptrap. On that note I can see why people hate Claptrap a bit now, yet I can’t help but find him funny. He’s a bit like how Max was in the first Poker Night.

Sorry for the short entry today. As well as playing this game I spent all day drawing The Runaways and lost track of time.


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