BEDA 27 – Iron Man 3 Review


When you google image search Iron Man 3 and see that poster it’s hard not to use it as the main image for your review. Also don’t worry, this review will be spoiler free.

I’ll start by saying that this movie’s greatest strength is it’s all about Tony Stark as a character. The action is cool but what really makes this movie great is the character of Stark and his personal journey. The events of this movie effect Tony Stark more than Iron Man.


So how were the other characters? Well the movie did a great job with the supporting cast both old and new. There’s a kid with a pretty major role who I think worked well. He never felt forced on us and provided a couple of good laughs. The movie as a whole was very character driven.


I’ll admit some things did disappoint me. I was a little sad the movie didn’t have Rescue. That might be my fault, I saw a gif set of an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow which gave me the impression we’d get Rescue but I was just mistaken. That said the scenes she actually was talking about were cool.

Also as great as the movie’s take on The Mandarin was he was very much the Iron Man 3 villain rather than Stark’s most iconic foe. I also found his powers a little underwhelming compared to what he’s capable in the comics and other adaptations. But as a villain for this movie he was great, I just wish he’d been more than that.

Finally the things that you expect I can’t spoil. Stan Lee was funny though I wouldn’t put it amoung his best cameos. And yes there was a scene after the credits that I did think was great.

So right now that’s the only film from 2013 I’ve seen. I imagine it’ll be in my top 10 but not the top 5. It’s worth watching and a great start to 2013 in film.

With that all done I’m going to prepare for tomorrow. The Plymouth Expo!


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