BEDA 28 – Plymouth Expo 2013


So did this live up to the hype I had? Yes. First it was great seeing my friends do well selling their art. They’ve earned this and I glad to have contributed towards it. I also noticed one of my new friends who traveled with me and my local friends had bought some of Selena’s pictures. Alice was apparently interview for someone’s vlog too.


Several of my cosplayer friends attended including Dawn and Sammy who I promoted a few days back. Dawn also had her own stand for the first time and had some well earned success at it too.


One of my artist friends I neglected to promote before is Francine who had a table this year and last year. If you like her art you should check out her website, Facebook page and DeviantART.


My friend Siobhan also had a table. I bought a few of her pictures and hope to see her art at future conventions. You can find her work at her website, Tumblr, Facebook and Etsy pages.


I saw several other great artists had work available to sell. While I didn’t get the links to all of them amoung the artists I got along with was Rhi of Moonlily Illustration. As well as being a fantastic artist she was a nice person to talk to that I look forward to seeing more from. You can find her work on her website and Facebook page.


Finally when I got home I put the art I’d bought up on my wall right away. The real highlight of the day that’s hard to explain in blog form is the interaction. Having all these wonderful friends to talk to has made the convention more than twice as fun as it used to be. I can’t wait for MCM this year, it’s going to be amazing.


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