BEDA 29 – DC Characters I’m Looking Forward To Drawing


With only a few Marvel teams left I aim to start drawing DC characters soon. As such I’ve already been thinking of characters and teams to work with. I also plan to make it so characters in multiple groups have a different look for each team. For example I want the Justice League to have a theme to their costumes and for each member to have been drawn in another team by the end of the project.


The Super Family

Superman has an iconic look but, much like Spider-Man, has gone through a wide range of outfits it would be nice to reference. And I want to try and spread these looks out between these characters. I’ve already planned for the S symbol to look different on each person wearing it. Supergirl will be especially fun since my friend Dawn has given me permission to use her Supergirl look as a template.



I loved the cartoon and while I’ve yet to see Teen Titans Go I know I’ll love it. I want to draw an older Titans team led by Nightwing that captures the feel of the cartoon.


The Bat Family

Not so much for Batman but everyone else. This’ll be one of the bigger teams I’ll draw and I’ll want each member to have their own look. Also because Batgirls Stephanie and Cassandra deserve more attention.



That’s right, I’m including the characters from Watchmen in this project. Might even include characters from the series as members of other teams (much like how I added Jubilee to the Runaways).


The Green Lantern Core

There’s a wide selection of characters to choose from. Of course the Earth Lanterns and Kilowog go without saying but the rest I haven’t even decided yet.


Saint Walker

Speaking of Green Lanterns I’ll want to draw the other colour Lanterns too. In particular Saint Walker as my friend Jacob sad something that made me realize I need to include him in the Justice League.



I’ve just recently decided I want to draw him both as a Red Lantern and a Blue Lantern. That alone has made me more excited about drawing him.


Rogues of Gotham

With all the designs these characters have to choose from they’re going to be one of the most fun projects. I might ask Sammy for suggestions for Harley & Ivy’s designs.


Legion of Doom

Because designing a Masters of Evil team was a fun experience I can tell the Legion of Doom will offer a similar experience. I don’t even know who to include yet.


Legion of Superheroes

And speaking of legions this team of tomorrow is one my dad suggested. They’re amoung the comics he ordered online plus I recall enjoying the cartoon and Justice League episode.


Young Justice

While I’ve not seen the show or read the comics about this team I do still look forward to fixing that. Plus this team will be able to include some of the Teen Titans that don’t make it into that team.



Finally I want to draw Darkseid in a way that he is different from the design I gave Thanos. I plan on making him look especially powerful, picking a team for him to lead will also be interesting. It won’t be a Legion of Doom though.


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