BEDA 2014: 01 – Since last year’s BEDA

So I’m doing BEDA (Blog Every Day April) again this year. VEDA too, I just uploaded my video now as I type this. Unlike VEDA I have been posting blogs since BEDA ended. If you haven’t seen them I posted about the reaction to the Merida redesign, my Top 10 Movies of 2013 and my own version of the Academy Awards.

But what else have I done? Well I’ve been to a few gatherings and small conventions. I also went to the MCM Expo again cosplaying as Ash. I hope to go again this year both in May for one day and October for the full weekend.

I’ve been playing Left 4 Dead again recently and as you can see I’ve been having fun with the Steam Workshop. Every so often I’ll play this with my friends and these mods have made me play the game on single player more often. I just keep adding more and more of them.

So during last year’s BEDA I was working on my Marvel art project. Since then I finished it and started a DC project. I’m nearing the end of it now with another project just around the corner. I also did a project for the 12 days of Christmas where I’d draw, scan and colour a different picture each day, that was fun and I’ll be doing it again this December/January.

A short blog to start with. I hope to make more top 10 lists this year, if anyone has any topics they’d like me to cover let me know as I’m sure there will be days I have no idea what to discuss. See you tomorrow.


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