BEDA 2014: 02 – Characters I want to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


A few days ago I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it was a great film and out of the Phase 2 films it’s my favourite so far (though I have a feeling Guardians of the Galaxy will be taking that spot later this year, then Age of Ultron next year). One of the things that set it above the other two (which I still really liked despite not making it into my Top 10 last year) is that we had the introduction of a new character that wasn’t a villain with Falcon who was awesome and I look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

With news that Marvel plan on releasing three of four movies a year in the future I’m looking forward to seeing even more characters come to the big screen. This has got me thinking about what characters I would like to see films or shows about. Unfortunately I have to exclude characters who Sony and Fox would own such as Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four (which is annoying because Dr. Doom belongs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) but here are my choices.



This suggestion also doubles as me wanting another Hulk movie. There are many Hulk characters these movies should include including Red Hulk and Leader but when it comes to allies Bruce’s cousin Jennifer is priority 1.


Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Her series is fairly new so I don’t expect her to show up any time soon but a few years later when she’s been around a bit longer her comic so far seems like it would make a great movie.


Anyone from Avengers Academy

I do not see Avengers Academy as a movie or TV show but its characters are interesting enough that they could easily cameo somewhere.



Now these young heroes on the other hand are a different story. There are already plans to make a Runaways film at some point but nothing has been decided yet.


Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)

But most of all Carol needs her own movie and she needs to be in the Avengers. Since I started reading her Captain Marvel solo series she’s become my favourite Marvel hero. Also we need more super hero movies with a female lead character.

There are others but these are the ones that came up today. If I think of any more I’ll make another blog about it.


One thought on “BEDA 2014: 02 – Characters I want to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with a Captain Marvel movie. Carol Danvers is not appreciated enough. Also, when are they gonna slip Spiderman into the Avengers? Come on, people.

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