BEDA 2014: 04 – Smash Bros Wishlist


So earlier today I found out Nintendo have a Nintendo Direct planned for Tuesday (which I will talk about when it happens). I think it’s safe to say we’ll get a new character reveal (maybe even two). So I thought I might blog about characters I’d like to see added to the battle.


Of course I don’t expect everyone to make it. Waluigi for example is an Assist Trophy again. Oh well, maybe the next Smash Bros will be Waluigi’s time to shine. Also I want a Waluigi solo game. Anyway on to the wishlist.


Issac (Golden Sun)

As we’ve seen with Little Mac being an Assist Trophy in Brawl doesn’t always stop a character from being a new character. Golden Sun is a unique enough game to have some interesting moves, plus being an RPG opens up the chance to use classic RPG moves. His son Matthew from the newest game is another option but I’d still prefer Issac.


King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)

I’ve heard people argue he might not be an option because liecencing issues with Rare Ltd. being a Microsoft owned company now and his original game being made by them. However he has been used in games since then with the 2008 Wii game Mario Super Sluggers being his most recent appearance. So I think he’s still a candidate and Smash Bros needs more villains.


Cooking Mama (Cooking Mama)

With the reveal of the Villager and the surprising choice of Wii-Fit Trainer the stage has been left open for more characters you wouldn’t expect for a fighting game. Cooking Mama would be perfect for this, plus it means more female characters which is another thing Smash Bros needs more of.


Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)

I’ve yet to play Xenoblade Chronicles but it is a fairly recent Nintendo franchise and a fan favourite. Plus I like his design.


Dillon (Dillon’s Rolling Western)

Another new character from a game I haven’t played but has such a unique design that he’d be perfect for Smash Bros.


Pac-Man (Pac-Man)

Bandai Namco are helping to make the game so it would make sense to include one of their characters in the game. The reasons I think it should be Pacman is that he’s the face of the company, he’s been in a game with Mario before (Mario Kart arcade machines) and he’s Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto’s favourite video game character.


Mewtwo (Pokémon)

Ok so it’s not really a newcomer but with two Mega Evolutions there could be several changes to its moveset to justify having both Mewtwo and Lucario.


Your Mii (Wii-U/3DS)

Plenty of Nintendo games give you the option to play as your Mii and the moveset can easily be drawn from the various Mii games that have come out over the years. At the very least the Wii-U game should have a stage where all the Miis on your account are in the background.


Krystal (Starfox)

We should have a Starfox character that has a different moveset from Fox. Krystal wouldn’t have a Landmaster, she’d have a fantasy themed moveset.


Bowser Jr (Mario)

I don’t think we’ll be getting another Mario character but if we do if it can’t be Waluigi it should be Bowser Jr. He may seem like he’d just be a Bowser clone (and he’d certainly have some shared moves) being a little kid means he can have more childish attacks. Plus he can use his paintbrush from his first appearance in Mario Sunshine.

Anyway that’s my list. Now I’m off to get some sleep. Exe-Con is tomorrow and I need to be up early.


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