BEDA 2014: 06 – Top 10 Web Comics

2012-10-26-Struck a chord

So my VEDA today was pretty lacking so I decided it was time to start the top 10 lists for BEDA. I read a fair amount of web comics so I figured why not list my favourites.



Ava’s Demon

I found this comic back when it had a Kickstarter for a book release. It’s an interesting story with a very unique universe. It’s currently on hiatus.




A satire of superhero comics centered around spider powered new heroine Spinnerette. One thing you’ll probably notice pretty early on is that this comic does tend to draw its female characters in ways I’d normally fault comics for doing (in fact it’s for this reason it’s so low on this list and I consider it a guilty pleasure) but the more you read the more fun and even heartwarming the characters can be and if any comic makes stupid proportions make sense it’s probably this one.



Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

I was introduced to this comic by a friend of mine. It updates daily and the subjects will be completely random and often make interesting observations about humanity (or just something silly).



Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

There are a lot of video game comics and this is one of the most well made ones that has a very different format from most. You’ve probably seen Jared and his Gyarados Mr. Fish’s origin story at some point.



Sandra & Woo

There’s really only two words to describe this comic. Funny and adorable. The main focus is on the girl and her raccoon but every so often there will be an arc focused on either of their supporting casts that still fits that two word description.




The same friend that introduced me to Shortpacked and another comic I’ll get to later. I still have a lot of archives to read but even without the history built up over several years (and several comics too) Shortpacked is an entertaining series with a large cast of lovable characters, even the jerks are lovable. It’s possible you’ve seen a page from this of the character Amber redesigning Batman to counter the “well men in comics are drawn all muscular to appeal to women” argument.




The everyday life of eight year old Justice League. Need I say more?



Awkward Zombie

The top three swap places quite frequently. The Pokémon comics are what got me into this series. I especially like how true to life the humour can be (the above example is something I know all too well).


2012-06-22-Shoots and ladders


Slow at updating but it and Awkward Zombie are by far my favourite video game centered comics. I also find its occasional story arcs about the core three characters to be a big part of the comic’s charm. This is a great example of a comic improving over time, not just the art but the writing and humour too.



Dumbing of Age

From Shortpacked creator David Willis Dumbing of Age is a series about college life that includes many of his characters he’s introduced in his previous comics reimagined. I started reading this comic before Shortpacked and it is the comic I will read every day it updates (also since the last Kickstarter it has daily updates).

Tomorrow I’ll try not to be so late.


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