BEDA 2014: 07 – Game of Thrones Review (Two Swords)


So in today’s VEDA I watched the newest Game of Thrones episode. I didn’t really go into many details in an effort to avoid spoilers. So I thought I’d cover a few things I neglected.

One thing I didn’t cover at all in my video was the introduction of new character Prince Oberyn. He’s an interesting character so far, his personal history with the Lannisters in particular considering Joffery and Tywin’s over confidence about their victories in the war. In fact it’s only the Lannister siblings that care that they still have other enemies.

Then there’s the dragons. I knew from the trailers they had grown but I was surprised to see them this soon. It’s interesting that they’ve grown so much considering this season and the last one are both in one book, I’ll be interested to see how their growth is covered in the book when I read it.

Daario had been recast, I thought he was a new character until I’d seen another review that this was the case. It seems they’re changed his entire design too so I’m guessing people weren’t happy with the design he had before.

I think that’s all I can think about without spoiling anything. Like I said in my VEDA Arya’s scene at the end of the episode was my favourite. Sorry I didn’t post earlier like I planned, after the first week VEDA and BEDA are trickier to plan out and I often can’t think of good topics until the end of the day.


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