BEDA 2014: 09 – Super Smash Bros


So last night’s Super Smash Bros news was pretty awesome. First the news both versions will be coming out at different times. This is good news for me as I want to own both versions so I can get a 3DS version first and then buy the Wii-U version when it comes out a few months later. They also revealed a few things that make me excited about the 3DS version specifically such as the 3DS exclusive mode and that returning stages will be different for each platform (and I’m guessing the 3DS will get more Melee stages like the recently confirmed Jungle Japes).


The new stage boss feature is exciting. So far we only know about Yellow Devil and Ridley but I’d love to see some Brawl bosses make a comeback. I wonder if this will be a Wii-U exclusive feature or if the different games have different bosses.


Zero Suit Samus and Sheik are now their own characters rather than transformations. This is good news for me as I almost never got to play as Zero Suit Samus as I kept forgetting how to activate her early so I had to rely on getting the Smash Ball. I like Samus’ new look, I’ve heard some complaints about the rocket heels but compared to the heels she had in Other M (which this design is based on) they’re pretty cool. I’ll also be using Sheik more now.


Seeing Mega Lucario as Lucario’s new Final Smash is great news. While I admit I never really used my Mega Lucario after I got one I was hoping it would finds its way into this game.


Charizard and Yoshi are back. Charizard being its own character is a smart move, I’ll miss Ivysaur and Squirtle but Charizard is the one best suited for the game. Also now I don’t have to listen to Pokémon Trainer’s awful dub voice. Mega Charizard X is its Final Smash, I’m wondering if it turns into Mega Charizard Y in the 3DS version… Of course this leads directly to talking about…


Of all Pokémon to be in Smash Bros I wasn’t expecting Greninja. But thinking about it this is the perfect X&Y representative. I’m guessing that’s it for Pokémon (well except Jigglypuff which I’m sure will be back since it was in the first game), shame Mewtwo isn’t likely to be back but I think we have enough Kanto Pokémon. If we do get another Pokémon I’d want it to be Sceptile, give us a Grass starter and other generation.


The reveal trailer for Charizard and Greninja was one of my favourites. Of course it was, this blog has Pokéballs as the background. I love that each new character is getting a reveal trailer. And on the website they each get their own special artwork.


Seeing Mario, Peach and Link in Ken Sugimori’s art style is a treat. Also I think this is the first art I’ve seen from Sugimori of Greninja too.

Anyway that’s all from me today. See you tomorrow.


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