BEDA 2014: 11 – Movies I like that most people hate


So we all have those movies we like that might not be guilty pleasures but when you say you like them most of the time people tend to disagree and consider it to be terrible. A common thing to find on topics about this subject are the Star Wars prequels, personally I have mixed opinions. I agree with pretty much every complaint about these three films (except those about CGI, I’m fine with CGI and to me the problem with CGI Yoda was how different he looks from the puppet) but there’s still enough good things for me to enjoy if I watch them. I wouldn’t say I like them, there’s too much wrong with them, but I don’t hate them either.

But now on to the movies I do like.


Personally I think all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films have been great. One thing I’ve noticed recently however has been a lot of fans of these movies saying how bad they thought Iron Man 3 was. I don’t get that, I thought it was a great films that focused on the character of Tony Stark more than the suit. As for a Mandarin twist I thought it was amusing, yes it meant we didn’t get the actual character from the comics but DVD bonus clips have shown that a real Mandarin does exist anyway and even if he didn’t it was a good twist. Really my problem was Pepper didn’t become Rescue. Oh and while I’m on the subject I like Iron Man 2 as well, Iron Man 3 was better though.


People who aren’t fans of the show not liking this doesn’t surprise me. However the amount of Bronies who dismiss this movie is surprising. Yes it exists to sell more toys but it had a charming story and Twilight Sparkle adapting to the human world was funny. A sequel is coming out later this year and almost every time we see news most comments are against it existing. I on the other hand am looking forward to seeing Rainbow Rocks and what it has to offer.


I’ll admit it’s been several years since I’ve seen this movie and I’ve yet to read the comic it’s based on but I did enjoy this when I saw it. I wouldn’t call it a great movie but I wouldn’t call it a horrible one either. I’m sure that most complaints concerning it not being faithful to the comic are accurate but from an outsider’s perspective it was alright. Not a movie I’ll leap to the defense of but I did like it, maybe I’ll give it a rewatch soon to see if my stance changes.


Considering how many times this movie came up during people’s complaints about Ben Affleck playing Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel it’s safe to say a lot of people hated this movie. Like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen it’s been a few years since I’ve seen this and it is in no way up to the level of quality of the Marvel Studios movies have but I don’t think it’s a bad film. I thought Michael Clarke Duncan was a great Kingpin and this movie was my introduction to Daredevil. I am looking forward to the upcoming Daredevil TV series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what it brings to the character. Oh and Ben Affleck, I think he’ll be a great Batman.


I thought this was a good movie and unlike the last two movies I’ve seen it more recently and still like it. It’s not the best Star Trek movie but it was a good movie. I’ve also seen Into Darkness which I thought was decent but had a lot more problems this movie didn’t have while keeping the ones I looked past before.


But this is the big one. I don’t just like this movie, I think it’s a great movie and a better Indiana Jones film than Temple of Doom. And of course this is probably the most hated on this list. Most of the common reasons to hate it are stupid. Aliens? So what? Shia LaBouf? I thought this was one of his better films up there with Holes and his character’s interactions with Indy was some of the film’s best moments. CGI? Never bothered me. The fridge? Have you seen the other three films? It’s not as good as Raiders or Last Crusade but it is a great film and if it’s the last Indiana Jones film it is a good book end for the character.

Well tomorrow I’ll be attending an Exeter YouTube Gathering. I might try and post an early BEDA so I don’t rush one like last night.


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