BEDA 2014: 12 – Another Smash Bros Wishlist

So I’m getting my BEDA up early so I don’t rush it up when I get home from the Exeter Gathering. So how about some more Smash Bros characters. This time I’m focusing on characters I don’t expect because it’s clear with Greninja and Wii-Fit Trainer that we can’t predict everything.


Black Mage and/or White Mage

Still not sure if we’re getting another Third Party character but if we get one from Square it would be great to see it be the Mario version of either the Black Mage or White Mage. A lot of wishlists include Cloud, Sora or Geno as a Square character but these two seem like a neat surprise and are iconic classes of the Final Fantasy series. Plus if we get one the other could be an Assist Trophy.



To be honest I think the only Pokémon left to reveal is N64 Smash veteran Jigglypuff and think Mewtwo isn’t coming back. However if we do get another Pokémon I think it should be Sceptile. That way we get a Grass, Fire and Water starter from three different generations.



I think that we’ll probably get a new Zelda character and the most surprising choice I can think of I’d love to see would be Medli. Plus it gives as a Wind Waker style character besides Toon Link.



The Scribblenauts games got their start on the DS and the only place they’ve appeared outside Nintendo has been the PC. Plus he’d summon Cthulhu, how awesome would that be?

Well that’s all I’ve got time for. If I think of any more when I get home I’ll add them. Until then I’ve got a gathering to get to.


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