BEDA 2014: 13 – Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Wishlist


CC2 recently made it harder to predict the kind of characters they’d add after revealing Shisui Uchiha, a character not seen fighting at any point in the series, as a playable character. This opens up all kinds of possible characters I thought had no potential. So here are some characters I want to play as in this next installment in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series.


Kage Bodyguards

We already have the Sand Siblings and Darui as playable characters but I think it’s time for the supports to be upgraded to playable characters. In particular I want to play as Kurotsuchi.


Kinkaku & Ginkaku

Along with a Edo Kage these two were characters I was really disappointed to learn weren’t playable in Storm 3. So with the Kage now playable I think that these two should also be added to the roster. They could be one character or two individual characters, either is fine by me.


The rest of the Seven Swordsmen

Also characters it was disappointing to learn weren’t playable in Storm 3. In fact now they can be at their best with the members who didn’t have their swords when revived with Edo Tensei can have them in this game. This would also work well as an excuse to have…


Kisame (pre-Seven Swordsmen)

A lot of promotion for the game is focused on Akatsuki. I’d love to see Kisame before he obtained Samehada as a separate character included in the Akatsuki recruitment story mode.



Originally I wanted him as a costume for Pain but now with Shisui thrown into the mix and the extra attention given to Akatsuki I think that the third founder should be his own character that isn’t his body being used as a puppet. Plus Nagato and Konan should get their original Akatsuki uniforms as an alternate costume.



He’s the last living member of Akatsuki besides Obito yet has never been playable. That needs to change.


Karui and Omoi

Storm 3 just skipped over these two. I doubt they’re going to add them but I really want these two to get some recognition in the Storm series.


The Sound Four

They’ve been support only long enough. Lets get the chance to play as them.



Come on CC2 it can’t be that hard, he’d play almost exactly like an early timeskip Naruto but without Kurama.



I’d love to see a movie villain added to the game and considering Storm 3 had DLC costumes from Road to Ninja I thought it only made sense that it would be Menma. Plus he’s evil Naruto, sure we’ve got robot Naruto for that but I’d still like to play as Menma.

Well that’s all I can think of. I like making these wishlists.


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