BEDA 2014: 15 – Pokémon I want Ash to catch in Kalos


So far Ash has only caught two Pokémon since he arrived in Kalos. Apparently he might be catching Amaura in this week’s episode, I hope so as Ash really need to pick up the pace on the capture front. Anyway since I like making lists so much here are a few Pokémon I think Ash should catch while in Kalos.



It’s been too long, Ash deserves a Lucario. Plus with it being the first Pokémon you get that to Mega Evolve in X & Y it would make sense for Ash to finally get one. Plus it’s a Steel type, Ash hasn’t got a Steel type yet.



So Ash always has a Grass type, a Fire type and a Water type. With Froakie as his Water type and Fletchling inevitably evolving into his Fire type he needs a Grass type. To be honest Skiddo seems like the most likely, of course I’d also like to see…



Ash hasn’t had a Ghost Pokémon yet so out of the two Grass types I’d like Ash to catch Phantump is my personal favourite. I don’t see it evolving since it requires a trade but I’m fine with Phantump staying the cute basic stage Pokémon while Ash hopefully gets Greninja.



It’s a cute little bat dragon, what other reason do I need?



Fairy type was one of the most notable new features in X & Y so I think Ash should have at least one. Floette seems like a good choice, plus it is one of the main Fairly types.

I think that’s enough. Sorry for such a short list.


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