BEDA 2014: 16 – Son of Batman review


So Son of Batman was leaked recently. Since I’ve been speaking so highly of Marvel recently it’s good to watch something good from DC every once and a while. I liked it, I wouldn’t say it’s the best of DC’s animated movies but it’s a great film none the less.


First and most importantly how was Damian? Well while this isn’t his first animated appearance (that was in a Brave and the Bold but with Catwoman as his mother instead of Talia) this movie will be an introduction to the character for many viewers. With that in mind I think they portrayed him very well. I know a few people were critical of him having a typical kid voice but the young actor does a great job playing the titular character. I’m hoping this movie will cause more people to like the Batman and Robin duo that normally dismiss it, Damian is essentially male Hit-Girl as Robin.


On the subject of Robin a problem this shares with Under the Red Hood (which is an amazing movie by the way) is the fact it skips over Tim Drake. It’s only Dick Grayson and the starring Robin. I guess for a movie making Damian the second Robin works but at some point I want a Bat Family movie or show, including Tim and Stephanie.


So where do I rank this next to other DC movies. It was better than this year’s other DC movie Justice League War (had its good points but was dragged down by New 52 problems) and I’d say I liked it more than the Nolan trilogy but it’s not quite as good as Under the Red Hood. If you’re a Batman fan you should see this, it’s probably the best Batman movie about Batman and Robin.


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