BEDA 2014: 17 – My Top 10 Of My Own Marvel and DC Designs

So I’ve had a few lists in this BEDA but not a top 10 yet. Since I’m nearing the end of my DC art project I figured I’d post my favourite designs I’ve made in it and the Marvel project beforehand.



Squirrel Girl

To be honest I didn’t change much with her but I like the idea of Squirrel Girl having a ponytail. The idea came from a picture where I mistook a squirrel’s tail for part of her hair for a second.




I changed a lot about this design and am very pleased with the result. The reason he’s so low in the list is most people won’t have heard of him. The main changes were replacing the back wings with wing arms and modeling him after a seagull.



Kid Flash

For both Kid Flash and The Flash I made the mask separate from the rest of the costume. It’s a simple change but I feel this slight change to the colour scheme along with making the eyes more like the Flash design mostly used by Wally West make this costume more unique.



Red Hulk

It’s the Hulk with a mustache. That’s the only reason I need. Also Thunderbolt Ross he actually does have a mustache in the comics, it just disappears when he turns into Red Hulk, I fixed that problem.




Really the reason I like this is that the main thing I did was take the yellow costume and replace the yellow with red. It’s such a simple change but I think it looks cooler than the regular Daredevil outfit.




Mainly I mixed her most recent design with her classic design and her hair from the X-Men Evolution flash forward but I really liked the end result.




I wanted to make him look more like a robot. The result makes him look like a classic movie robot you’d see in a black & white Superman film.




I modeled her after my friend Dawn’s Supergirl cosplay. I also added the only good part about her New 52 design: the cape.



Gert and Old Lace

Since Gert’s outfit isn’t really a costume I mixed a few of her looks together to create a cool outfit. I’m also pleased with how I drew Old Lace.




The design that started the project. Mostly inspired by the Scarlet Spider costume. The reason this is still my favourite is because this was the idea that I started with. Plus I’ve liked the idea of Peter in a Scarlet Spider inspired costume for a few years now.


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