BEDA 2014: 18 – Man of Steel review


This movie has become rather infamous. I’m going to type my review as I watch it, a bit like my Twitter “tweet as I watch” tweets and last year’s Amazing Spider-Man review.


Ok Kyrpton looks a lot like Mass Effect 3.


In fact they just called their location the Citadel. AND I JUST SAW A REAPER!


So they send their war criminals off world but just stand on Krypton as it dies?

Dad is doing that thing where he points out the obvious. “That was a flashback.”

On the subject of flashbacks they’re all over the place at the moment.

The lighting is a bit weird. It’s got a dark tone even in the day time. It’s too much like Twilight’s lighting. When people say this movie is too dark I guess the lighting was a part of that.

So far they’ve certainly got Lois right. Odd seeing her without black hair though.

Let the viewing public know Lois Lane uses a Nikon camera.

Ok USED a Nikon camera.

So all Krypton video is metal slime EXCEPT Jor-El who seems to be an AI clone. Also why is it ONLY Jor-El and not his mother? He hasn’t explained her absence, he just said “too bad Lara couldn’t see this”, why can’t she Jor-El? Explain.


We’re all talking about how Superman shaves. In particular how he entered with a beard/stubble and left shaven. Guess Clark with a beard is fine but Superman?


I see they’re having Lois knowing Clark Kent is Superman before he becomes Superman. I think that’s a good direction to take, one common problem the old films had was every time Lois found out Clark is Superman she forgot later in the movie.

Johnathan Kent is an idiot. But at least the dog lives.

I guess metal slime transferred to Earth video is a bit glitchy.

I’ve seen the How It Should Have Ended of this and yeah, why is he asking a random priest instead of his AI clone dad? Oh right, for the SYMBOLISM!

“Yes I know it looks like an S but it isn’t. There is Japanese writing that look like other letters but they’re not. I’ve lived on this planet my whole life, I know what an S is.”

“Skulls? No! This isn’t the right program!”

Ok so I see why Lois is there for plot reasons but why does Zod need her on his ship?

“The Jesus symbolism isn’t very subtle.”
“They probably think it is.”
“And that’s the least subtle of all.”

“There might have been a few people in there.” Even my mum noticed the biggest complaint people have with this film.

When all else fails try the pistol.

This world engine, it’s the Reaper from earlier. It even sounds like them.



Bye AI clone Jor-El.

Zod’s goatee is really distracting every time we zoom in on his face.

So the infamous neck snap… Really my only issue is Zod died without ever saying “Kneel Before Zod”. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I think it could have been handled better but I see where they were going with it.

Film’s over. It was, ok. Not horrible but still a weak Superman film. The cons; the lighting was trying too hard to be serious (and get the Batman audience) it just looked dull, the fight scenes were too long and the Superman costume is too much like his New 52 costume. The pros; the cast did a great job be they famous Superman characters or someone made for the movie, the story was interesting and I liked the dialogue between characters. I stand by my stance that if you want to watch a DC film you should look to the animated features, there are some great animated Superman films and my suggestion is to watch one of those instead of this.


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