BEDA 2014: 19 – I can’t count the reasons I should stay


So I finished watching the season finale of the 5th season of Community. It wasn’t the best season finale but it was an entertaining story. But rather than review the episode I figured now that the season is over I’ll share my thoughts on it as a whole.


First I should address the biggest change. This season saw the departure of two of its main characters; Pierce (Chevy Chase) and Troy (Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover). Both actors left for different reasons, Chevy Chase had several disagreements about the direction the show was taking and got himself banned from the set in the process. The previous season was his last which featured several “where’s Pierce” moments, he did manage to get a final scene at the beginning of this season that he didn’t need to be on set for that was rather sweet. Later in the season the character of Pierce was killed off and his will resulted in the reason for Troy’s departure. Donald Glover left so he could focus on his music career. Both character departures were hearbreaking, especially Troy’s where Abed (Danny Pudi) had to come to terms with his best friend leaving. The rest of the season did feel incomplete without them but the show did address that fact a few times.


Rather than replace Troy and Pierce we had a few supporting characters with larger roles. This included the introduction of Professor Hickey (Jonathan Banks) and the return of Professor Duncan (John Oliver) who had been missing for a couple of seasons. There was a concern that Hickey was going to be new Pierce but quickly it becomes clear the two are very different characters. Duncan’s return is something I was very happy about, he was one of the funniest supporting characters and giving him a bigger part was a good move.


There was a lot of hate for the previous season, Dan Harmon’s absence was very clear through the whole thing and while I actually liked it I do agree it was the show’s weakest season. Rather than just pretend season 4 never happened this last season had the characters progress from where they left off with other elements of the season being described as “the gas leak year”. Personally I’m glad Dan Harmon kept Abed’s new love interest Rachel (Brie Larson) and actually has them start dating, the two of them make a great couple and Rachel’s presence results in more character development for Abed. I hope that next season gives Rachel a bigger part.


Community is one of my favourite shows and while this might not be the show’s strongest season it was a good one and its faults can mostly be attributed to the absence of Troy and Pierce. I’m looking forward to what the next season has in store.



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