BEDA 2014: 20 – Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies


So I got this idea from the MovieBob Big Picture video on the same subject. Like him I won’t count Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. because it’s still airing and focus on the movies we’ve had so far. I’m also rating this based on which films I like more, so if you think my placement is a bit off that’s why.



While at the bottom of the list I think it’s important to note I still liked this film. It had the problem of being a second first Hulk movie, it did choose to only show the origin in flashbacks but as a story it was fairly weak, I’d even argue the 2003 Hulk film had a better story. And after seeing Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal in later films Edward Norton is underwhelming.



The reason this is lower on my list is while it is a great film the war genre has never really appealed to me. I would consider this the best World War II movie I’ve ever seen because it’s also a super hero film and this film did help me learn to appreciate Cap more as a character.



I think this film gets far too much hate. Many see it as filler to hype up Avengers but it also features the first appearance of Black Widow who gets better with each film and and was an over all fun movie. Also this was the film that gave us War Machine, so much better than Iron Patriot.



I found this to be a great movie but was pushed down a bit after a while because of how underused many of the characters were. We needed more Sif, more Heimdall and more from the villain Malekith the Accursed. But everyone that did get attention was fantastic.



Kicking off the Top 5 we have the movie that started it all. Everyone was perfectly cast and this was actually my introduction to Robert Downey Jr who looks exactly like Tony Stark in the comics, and then when I heard his history I realized he was Tony Stark in real life too. This movie it still great today, also this is still my favourite Jeff Bridges quote in anything.



You know how I said Iron Man 2 gets too much hate? The same goes for Iron Man 3. Personally this movie did the best job of showing the effect the events that happened in Avengers effected the lead. This is very much a Tony Stark movie more than it is an Iron Man movie and that is what makes it so great. Oh and as for the twist, I thought it worked well for the film and shouldn’t ruin the movie for people.



I can’t say I was that big a Thor fan before this movie but afterwards I always look forward to seeing him in the comics. This movie was full of excitement and some of the best comedy in the whole series. And personally I think Thor has the best supporting cast out of all the Avengers. I’m really looking forward to the next Thor film, especially if what I’ve heard about them going the Ragnarok route is true.



This shot up the list quickly didn’t it? But yes this movie was that good. The first Captain America was my favourite World War II movie, this is my favourite spy movie (yes, better than Bond). But while Cap himself was great to me the real stars were Black Widow and Falcon, they were both amazing in this and I really hope a Black Widow film gets made soon because this movie proves she has what it takes to be the star.



But yeah this is still my favourite. It probably will stay that way until Age of Ultron comes out or we get a Carol Danvers or Runaways film (make both of these Marvel). This was what the entire first phase was building up to and boy did it live up to the hype. Also Joss Whedon and Marvel are always an amazing combination. This movie takes multiple characters who are the lead in their own film and makes them work as a group before they even become a team. I keep finding new things to love about this movie and I can’t wait for Age of Ultron next year.

Well that’s my list. Where will Guardians of the Galaxy fit it after it comes out. Well I’ll be sure to say when it inevitably has a place in my top 10 movies of this year.


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