BEDA 2014: 22 – Top 10 Adventure Time Characters


So since my day today has been spent watching Adventure Time it only makes sense for my BEDA to be as well. So here are my favourite characters.



Banana Man

He’s only been in a couple of episodes with his second appearance being the one with the most dialogue but it’s that second episode that makes me like him. That and the fact he’s played by Weird Al Yankovic.








A gender swapped Finn made up by the Ice King. However she isn’t just Finn but female but very much her own character. I always look forward to seeing a Fionna and Cake episode because despite being fictional in universe Fionna is a genuinely entertaining character.




Probably my favourite vampire character in anything. Not only is she an entertaining and funny character but the more we learn about her history be it her time with Simon or anything linked to the Nightosphere the more interesting a character she becomes.



Flame Princess

Introduced in the fourth season Flame Princess quickly became one of my favourites. I really wish there were more episodes centered around her relationship with Finn, though a big part of that is how cute they are together. She’d be my favourite princess if it wasn’t for…



Lumpy Space Princess

One of the funniest characters on the show. Also by far the best satire of the teen girl stereotype in anything.




It’s a living video game console, what’s not to like?




A big part of what makes him such an entertaining character is John DiMaggio’s voice. This was the case in the original pilot and I was glad to see him return for the series.




Finn is one of my favourite protagonists in general. He can be smart, dumb, brave, kind, selfish and more without ever seeming out of character. He’s just a boy but with a heroic heart of gold. While not the most interesting character he’s earned his role as the show’s hero. Also after the most recent episode a lot has changed for him and I’m interested in seeing how these changes effect him.



The Ice King

Yep, everything great about Adventure Time can be found in this one character. He’s funny while also being a tragic character with a past that ties into a lot of The Land of Ooo’s history. When an episode is about the Ice King you’re either going to laugh or cry (or both).

So yeah my list is mostly main characters.


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