BEDA 2014: 23 – Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Costume Wishlist


This game has made it clear we’re in for a fair amount of new alternate costumes. Some in the game itself and others as DLC. So I thought I’d post some costumes I hope they game adds at some point.


Jinchuuriki armour

From the pre chapter art in chapter 567. Storm 3 introduced all the Jinchuuriki to the series so a good costume for all of them is this uniform.


Pre/post timeskip costume swap

We’re getting a Naruto and Sasuke costume swap so I wouldn’t mind playing as post timeskip Naruto wearing his original clothes. Just seems like a neat idea.


More Road to Ninja costumes (especially Ino)

I thought it was a shame that Storm 3’s RtN costumes didn’t include Ino so I’d love to see more this time.


Cloaked Taka

This is what they have been wearing since Sasuke’s alliance with Akatsuki, the games should finally give them their current outfits.


Original Akatsuki Nagato and Konan

Like I said in my character wishlist these two should get these costumes and Yahiko should be a new character.


Hinata’s bike riding outfit

From this ending. Despite the outfit not being in colour I like this outfit and since Storm 3 had costume DLC based on endings I thought this one would be a good choice.


Team Guy’s Ending 15 outfits

Each of their outfits is unique and this ending does feature more fighting than some of the endings Storm 3 got its costumes from. Also Team Guy deserve more attention.


Flak Jackets for Naruto and Sasuke

The only members of the Konoha 12 without them. This needs to be fixed. Would also be neat if Naruto’s came with the Shinobi Alliance headband rather than his usual Konoha headband.


Tobi’s first outfit

The rest of Akatsuki are getting an outfit from before their time in Akatsuki, the original goofy Tobi should too.


All the Storm 3 costumes

I want them all back. Maybe have it so it acknowledges Storm 3 DLC. That way I can keep playing as Naruto in his Goku outfit, Road to Ninja Hinata and Anbu Kakashi.

That should do.


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