BEDA 2014: 24 – Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review


Last year during BEDA I watched and reviewed The Amazing Spider-Man. Now the sequel is out and I went to see what it was like.

First off this movie is a huge improvement. The strengths of the last film have more focus while only having one of its problems coming back. This was a fun movie, not Spidey’s best but a good one.


Lets talk about the wall crawler himself. I think Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man performance is way better than Tobey Macguire’s, we get more of the Spider-Man wisecracks than any other Spider-Man film. His costume is also better, it has a nice hint of the Ultimate Spider-Man (Peter not Miles) costume to make it different from the Rami trilogy suit and I think it’s the best live action Spider-Man suit yet. Oh and best of all, the mask stays on! Seriously the only times we see Spider-Man with the mask off are when it makes sense (getting changed or romancing Gwen Stacey). Spider-Man’s inability to leave his mask on has been a problem every Spider-Man film until now has suffered from but this movie finally put an end to that stupidity.


One concern people have had about this movie is the risk of the “too many villains” problem Spider-Man 3 had. We have Electro and the Green Goblin along with Rhino thrown into the mix. While the villains didn’t get as much attention as they deserved it wasn’t from there being too many of them. No it was from too much attention being given to the “everything is connected to Peter’s parents and Oscorp, Peter Parker is destined to be Spider-Man” subplot from the last film, which I hope has finished now. As far as balancing the villains out I think they did well, it was only really Electro and Harry that were the main villains and their stories were connected so when they teamed up it wasn’t random like when Venom approached Sandman in Spider-Man 3. Plus this time the Goblin lives to appear in another movie which makes the lack of time spent in Goblin form a bit more acceptable (especially when you learn the real reason this movie has a Green Goblin). Meanwhile the Rhino is something more superhero movies needed, a small time foe to fight.


The Peter/Gwen romance story took up most of the Peter Parker out of costume scenes that weren’t about his parents. I think this movie did a very good job with Gwen and her struggle with her feelings, Peter did come across as creepy stalker a few times but Gwen’s side of the romance was what made this side of the story interesting. Oh and as for the hints at referencing a certain moment in the comics… it is addressed but how I can’t say.


In conclusion if you enjoyed any of the previous Spider-Man films you’ll like this one. It might not be Amazing or Spectacular but it is Spider-Man.


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