BEDA 2014: 26 – Smash Bros Stage Ideas

Another last minute idea but here are some locations I think would make great stages in the new Smash Bros and some past stages I’d love to see come back.


Yoshi’s New Island

Let’s start with something inevitable. There has been a new Yoshi’s Island stage in very Smash Bros game so far so I fully expect a new one on at least one platform. Since this is a 3DS game it would make sense to have this on the 3DS version.


Tropical Freeze

Not only does it tie into the new Donkey Kong game but it’s a unique design idea. A frozen tropical island, sounds like the perfect stage material. Plus so far the only Donkey Kong stage we’ve seen is the 3DS returning Jungle Japes so this would make a great Wii-U DK stage.


Bowser’s Castle

Weirdly Bowser hasn’t had his own stage yet. I think it’s about time that changed.


Safari Zone

Could make an interesting stage. Have wild Pokémon wandering around in the background. I don’t expect this but it would be pretty neat. It could feature elements from Kanto and Hoenn’s Safari Zones and even Sinnoh’s Great Marsh.


Dinosaur Planet (Sauria)

Regardless of if you liked Starfox Adventures or hated it a dinosaur stage would be pretty neat.


Windfall Island

Toon Link should have a Wii-U stage and assuming Pirate Ship doesn’t return Windfall would be a neat place since you’ll often find yourself returning to it. Outset and Dragon’s Roost are other good choices.


Hyrule Temple

One of my favourite stages. I would love to see it come back.


Flat Zone

Perfect for the 3DS version and I’m certain Mr. Game & Watch will be back.


Mushroomy Kingdom

World 1-1 as a stage, what’s not to like?


Wario Ware

A Brawl stage that I think could be at home on the 3DS rather than the Wii-U.


Peach’s Castle

I just liked it.


Mushroom Kingdom II

When thinking about stages that would suit the 3DS this one seemed perfect. The mix of sprites and 3D would be right at home there.


Pokémon Stadium or Pokémon Stadium 2

Maybe even a new one?


Big Blue

Bunny Hood Sonic keeping up with the cars, classic.



Another old favourite.


The Summit

The Ice Climbers deserve a stage and I hate Icicle Mountain.


Green Hill Zone

The new Sonic stage isn’t called Green Hill Zone, perhaps that means this stage will be back.



Because it’s a piece of history.


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