BEDA 2014: 27 – Things I’d like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3


Another upcoming game I’m looking forward to is Kingdom Hearts 3. Very little is known about it so far as the footage we’ve shown shows very little new content. Sora’s outfit is the same, the only known Disney location is Olympus Colosseum. So I figured I’d list off a few things I’d love to see in this next installment in the franchise.


Playable Kairi

We’ve had the ability to play as Riku, I think it’s time Kairi got a chance to use that Keyblade of hers. At the very least she should get to be a party member like Riku in Kingdom Hearts 2.


Better use of Vivi

When I heard Vivi was going to be in Kingdom Hearts 2 I was excited. But in the end he’s just there for the training missions and doesn’t even use magic. Vivi is my favourite character in Final Fantasy IX but here he’s the Final Fantasy character given the smallest role. My brother pointed out that the fact he looks like the Heartless would have fit in so well with his character arc in FFIX where he’s often seen as the enemy. Also on a similar note…


More Final Fantasy IX

Yes we’ve seen plenty of Final Fantasy VII, VIII and X characters and I’m sure we’re bound to have some Final Fantasy XIII characters around the corner but IX is an underrated classic.


A Frozen world

Considering how popular Frozen still is it’s almost inevitable the movie will have some presence in this game. The question is if it can word as a world and I think it can. I expect most fans would expect Elsa to be the world’s party member but having Anna in your party would allow you to follow the main story more while also having a boss fight with Elsa’s Snow Golem.


Something from Pixar

Pixar have been the source of many of Disney’s most popular films for many years and I think it’s time Kingdom Hearts turned to it for ideas. Brave and Incredibles seem the easiest to adapt into the Kingdom Hearts style but I can also see Toy Story or Monsters Inc/University working.


A galaxy far, far away

Disney own Star Wars now and I’m sure I know I’m not the only one who loves the idea of a lightsaber keyblade.


Indiana Jones

Lets not forget Disney own this franchise now too.


The Marvel Universe

Best part about this option is that it doesn’t need to follow an existing story. Need a world for the big plot stuff to happen on, Marvel would be perfect.


A Final Fantasy villain to fight who ISN’T SEPHIROTH

Yes we all know about the secret boss fights with Sephiroth but I think it’s about time some Final Fantasy villains started appearing that are in the story, Final Fantasy villains who aren’t over exposed.


Have more Disney characters leave their worlds and interact with each other

Kingdom Hearts should consider exploring the characters lost from their own world’s concept more. It happened a bit in the first game but would be the perfect way to include characters who are popular but don’t have a world that would work as well.


Dr. Facilier as a boss battle

It doesn’t matter if there is a Princess & The Frog world or not Dr. Facilier needs to be in this game. He’s the shadow man after all, he’s a perfect Heartless commanding character.


Something from Disney TV shows

While maybe not the best concepts for worlds there should be a Disney show presence in this game. A Perry the Platypus summon is something that I’d like to see.


A Tangled world

Rapunzel as a party member wielding a frying pan. Need I say more?


The other Titans

We’ve faced the Ice and Rock Titans but the Lava and Tornado Titans have yet to make an appearance. Lets see some more Titans.


A Wreck-It Ralph presence

Maybe a world that works like the Tron world in Kingdom Hearts 2 or a Ralph summon. Whatever the case this movie should have a part to play in this game.


The option to fight bosses after you beat them

Maybe as an option at Olympus Colosseum but often I’ve wanted to fight a boss again later in the game but to no luck.


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