BEDA 2014: 28 – Kill la Kill final thoughts


So I’ve just finished the last episode of Kill la Kill which I started watching on Saturday. Along with Attack on Titan this was the other new anime that most of the anime community was talking about and sparked new cosplay trends. I’d been meaning to watch it for a while but put other shows as a priority until it came up in conversation with a few of my friends who recommended it so I decided I’d watch it once I caught up on Adventure Time.


The first arc is pretty simple to follow. Protagonist wants revenge but must fight a line up of powerful warriors to get to the person they want to fight. But as that arc draws to a close things start changing and the show’s lore, which is easy to accept considering the show’s goofy humour, becomes more important. This was also the point where the show’s quality skyrocketed from being pretty cool to plain awesome. This was a similar strength Gurren Lagann had which was made by the same team back when they were in Gainax.


One thing you’ll notice pretty early on, like episode one early, is that this show has a fair amount of fanservice. It is lampshaded from the start too with characters complaining about or drooling over the designs of the transformed Kamui uniforms. It’s still distracting for most of the first arc but after a certain point you stop noticing it. Not because it decreases, quite the opposite in fact, but because it happens for everyone.


In fact by the last few episodes those awkwardly revealing Kamui forms are some of the least revealing outfits when compared to what the male characters wear. I mean yeah it’s still fanservice and they don’t hide that fact but I’ve got to give them credit for giving the same treatment to their male characters. I mean there’s a group called Nudist Beach whose membership is mostly male.


As far as characters go my favourite has to be Mako. She is the comic relief sidekick with an Excel Saga level of randomness and is goofy even when things get serious but that is all part of what makes her such a great character. Other characters go through changes as the series goes on but Mako is the same old Mako from episode 1 to episode 24 and it’s that same Mako that helps keeps Ryuko from loosing herself. There are other reasons why she’s a great character but I think I’ll let them speak for themselves if you decide to watch the series.


In conclusion Kill la Kill is a show I’m glad I watched. It was exciting, funny, heartwarming, heartbreaking and even a bit creepy at times. I don’t think it’s for everyone but if you like anime, especially if you liked Gurren Lagann, I think it’s worth checking out. It’s only 24 episodes long and I managed to marathon it over the course of three days. Thank you to my friends who recommended I watch it. Now to figure out which of the many shows I’m watching to focus on next…


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