BEDA 2014: 30 – My Next Art Project Plans

So BEDA is over now. So what is next? Well I’m going to be focusing on my art again, with the DC project over I might all well talk about future plans. So there are some of my planned projects.


Harry Potter

One thing I’m planning with this project is drawing a few of the major characters as they are in each book. It would be a good way to practice drawing the same character while looking older/younger. Like my Marvel and DC projects I’ll draw from the different designs the characters have to choose from.


Labcoat Snape is part of the plan. He’s a professor that teachers potions, that’s just chemistry with magical ingredients. He’s a wizard scientist.


My own characters

I haven’t drawn my own characters in years. Last time I drew Ray here he still looked like Red from the Pokémon Adventures manga with different clothes and fangs and was a completely different character. I’ve also had some stories in my head that might be fun to draw. This won’t be a consistent project, I’ll probably draw characters and creatures from one story then move to another project.


My friends’ own characters

I’ve discussed this plan with a few of my friends. I don’t think this will be a big project but something I’ll do in-between projects. The character used as an example is my friend Alice’s character name Honeysuckle.


Characters from different franchises as Pokémon Trainers

Because coming up with Pokémon teams for characters is a lot of fun.


More Marvel and DC

After I’ve worked on some more projects I will return to the two the started it all. There are teams I’ve postponed, characters that didn’t exist during the first Marvel projects and designs I want to update.

Other than Harry Potter being the next project I have no set order for these projects yet.

This is the end of BEDA but I will blog here again.


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