Characters I’d like to see in Disney Infinity 2.0


So being the Marvel fan that I am I’ve been sucked into the hype for the new Disney Infinity sequel centered around Marvel Super Heroes. I haven’t bought or played Disney Infinity but whenever I walk past the section for it in gaming stores I think “I should buy it at some point”, it is essentially what I think Skylanders should have been by having characters you’d want to own toys of.


The trailer mostly focused on the Avengers but featured short appearances from other Disney characters such as Stitch, Merida and Maleficent (modeled after the upcoming Angelina Jolie movie version). So I figured I’d make a wishlist that while mostly focused on Marvel will feature other Disney characters. I’m also doing this because making wishlists in my BEDA was fun.


Donald Duck

Starting this list off with one of Disney’s most iconic characters. The game already has Mickey in his Sorcerer’s Apprentice robes so if this new sequel features any of his friends Donald would be the best choice.


Captain Marvel

I’m sure you all saw this coming. Yes I’m a big Carol Danvers fan but I do think Disney Infinity should turn to the comics for some of its choices. We’ve already seen MODOK as a villain in the trailer so it’s certainly an option. With that in mind Carol would be a perfect choice considering her currently popularity in the comics. She’s been in several Marvel games before as Ms. Marvel, this would be a great chance to see her in a game using the Captain Marvel name.

Agrabah01 - Aladdin


Personally I’m surprised he wasn’t in the first game.



It’s not a Marvel game without an appearance from the Merc with a Mouth. LEGO Marvel and the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon prove that a younger audience doesn’t prevent Deadpool from being funny.



She could be in a warrior Princess pack with Merida.


Dr. Strange

We’ve got the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, now lets add the Sorcerer Supreme.



One of the most popular Disney movies. It should be represented.



We’ve seen Ultimate Green Goblin in the trailer possibly as as a figure or as a game only enemy. Either way I think the perfect Spider-Man foe to include in this series is Venom. He was used for the Phineas & Ferb Marvel episode so whatever prevented him from being in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 shouldn’t be an issue.


Big Hero 6 characters

This is going to be a Disney animated movie based on a Marvel comic coming out around the same time as Disney Infinity 2.0. Considering how these will be both from a Disney animated feature and a Marvel comic they’d be perfect for this game.


Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

I don’t see them including him but I really wish they would.


Dr. Doom

It just wouldn’t be a Marvel game without Dr. Doom.

Wall-E 27


Because there should be more new Pixar characters besides Merida.



There’s no doubt we’ll be getting X-Men characters. I can expect Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto and maybe Rogue but I’d also love to see Nightcrawler too.


Agent Coulson

Introduced in the Cinematic Universe Phil Coulson proved to be so popular he was added to the comics, the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and as many Marvel franchises with S.H.I.E.L.D. (one being his own TV show). Plus Clark Gregg announced the game so there’s a good chance he’s involved.


Dipper and Mabel

We’ve already got Phineas and Perry from Phineas & Ferb so TV shows are an option. Another Disney cartoon series they could draw from is Gravity Falls. While not the money maker Phineas & Ferb is it’s certainly a popular series.



Some of you might know him as the purple guy at the end of the Avengers. Considering all the hype surrounding this character I think he’d be a good fit. In fact they could put in in a villains set with Loki and…



The main villain of next year’s big feature Age of Ultron. Great chance for newcomers to Marvel to be introduced to the character before the movie comes out.


Darth Vader

I don’t think we’ll be getting Star Wars characters until 3.0 (or whatever the third installment is called) but one they could add as a surprise bonus is Darth Vader. He’s iconic enough to work on his own and it’s not like he’d be the first Star Wars element to be added to the series.

That’s all I can think of. I only expect a small handful of these the actually make it into the game but wishlists are usually a bit of a stretch.