BEDA 2015: 30 – It’s Over!


Well BEDA has come to a close. It’s been fun but I’ll be glad when tomorrow comes to an end and I’m not struggling on ideas for a topic and settling on a wishlist I came up with on the spot.


So what’s next for me? Well Free Comic Book Day is this weekend, I’m looking forward to All New All Different Avengers and the beginning of Secret Wars. Probably won’t blog about them but I’ll be sure to post my FCBD collection on Facebook when I get home. I’m also going to get back to my artwork, I’ve started colouring the Hogwarts professors and when I’ve finished them I’ll draw the Death Eaters and either jump back to Pokémon 10 Years Later or draw a couple of Marvel/DC Amalgam Revisited combinations first (I might see if I can get all the movie Avengers in there).

Dumbledore PoA

And so I wrap up BEDA with this preview for my next Harry Potter group pic. I’m sure I’ll make another blog post soon enough. There’s bound to be something I’ll want to blog about before my Top 10 Movies of 2015 list. So I’ll see you then.


BEDA 2015: 29 – Pokkén Wishlist


So here’s the final wishlist of BEDA. To make this list easier on myself I’m picking three Pokémon from each generation.



Satoshi Tajiri’s favourite Pokémon is Poliwag so having its final form that is also part Fighting type makes perfect sense.



It would be the perfect rival for Gengar.



After its return to Smash Bros I think its safe to assume people like having Mewtwo in fighting games. Unlike Smash Bros I think it needs to have Mega Mewtwo X as its Mega Evolution.



I wasn’t going to include starter Pokémon in this list but who wouldn’t want to play as an alligator in a fighting game?



This game is going to be Pokémon Tekken and since Pikachu has a few Mishima influenced moves an Ursaring that fights like Kuma is a must have.



I think every type should have at least one Pokémon in this game and for Bug types Heracross is the best candidate.



They’re not all going to be fully evolved Pokémon so I figure Vigoroth would fit in better than Slaking anyway.



It would be a pretty unique fighter that’s for sure.



This thing would be an amazing fighter. If it had the “voice” it has in the anime it would be even better.



Land shark, that is all.



Winter is coming.



Honestly surprised we haven’t seen any Dark types yet.



The perfect rival for Machamp.



Who wouldn’t want to play as a crocodile in a fighting game?



Mewtwo’s rival.



Fun to play as in Smash Bros, one of the more popular Kalos Pokémon. Natural pic.



It would be a crime not to include it.



It’s a T-Rex, what other reason could I need?


Unfortunately this list is up late because I spent too long coming up with another topic. To make up for it here is my old Pokkén wishlist back when Lucario, Machamp and Blazkien were all we knew about.

BEDA 2015: 28 – Another Multiple Topic Post


So there are a few things worth talking about but not worth a full post about on their own so I’m going to put them all in one post again.


Like last week I just got finished watching the newest episode of The Flash (UK release). It was nice seeing a couple of guest characters from the Arrow cast and fortunately I didn’t need to explain too much about them to my dad. And of course there was the shapeshifter antagonist, nice bit of trolling on the developer’s part to show footage of said shapeshifter in “later this season” trailers so people could start speculating about why a character would act a certain way only to find out it wasn’t actually them.


No more paid mods. Steam refunded anyone who bought a paid mod and took them down and admitted their mistake. I applaud them for that. So far I think only one paid mod author has actually reuploaded their mod for free, I’m wondering what will happen to the rest. It would be a shame to loose them since there were some pretty cool looking mods on the paid mod starter pack, they just weren’t worth paying money for when I’ve got much better mods on that game for free.


New MLP episode was nice. We finally got a Rainbow Dash solo song and it was really cool, which of course it was going to since her voice actress Ashleigh Ball is the lead singer of a band so hearing her sing more that a couple of verses is a treat. If you haven’t heard any of her work with Hey Ocean you should check them out.


Gengar is in Pokkén. Great pic, I also like how it looks in the art style. I might make a Pokkén wishlist as one of my last two BEDA entries.


And of course there’s the big news that we’re getting a new Dragon Ball series. We don’t know much about it yet except that it takes place after the Buu arc. It’ll probably be in the same point in time as the last three new Dragon Ball stories (Son Goku And His Friend Return, Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’) with Goku using his new Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form (seriously that’s what it’s called) to fight godlike foes. What I’d like is for them to jump forwards to after the end of the manga with Goku training Uub. Uub is meant to be Goku’s successor yet he got shafted in GT and the Toriyama written stories since the manga ended (except Neko Majin Z) have been set before Uub is introduced. This pre-Uub era is fine for movies and shorts but if Dragon Ball is going to move forwards it has to be from where the manga left off.

BEDA 2015: 27 – Pokémon I think should get Mega Evolutions


So Mega Evolutions are going to be a big part of the hype of the rest of the Pokémon games, especially this generation, so I figured it’s been a few days since my last wishlist and I want to talk Pokémon. Plus the only news based topics at the moment are Disney Descendants (why?) and Four Lights With Teddies 4 (never cared for that series) so Pokémon wishlist it is.


Kalos Starters

I’m expecting Kalos Pokémon to get Mega Evolutions in the next game as a way of making the region’s new Pokémon feel new again in a way previous generations couldn’t. At the top of the list of candidates are the starters. Art by zerudez.


Johto Starters

Sinnoh remakes are inevitable at some point so until then I’d say either Johto or Unova should get Mega Evolutions for its starters next. I went with Johto because HGSS has already happened so there won’t be any other chances for these three to be in the spotlight again. Art by Tomycase.



No fan interpretation this time. This generation has been heavily focused on Mega Evolution and since we know Zygarde is bound to be the star of the last game of this generation (be it Z or X2/Y2) and that usually implies it’ll get a new form I think Mega Zygarde is the way to go.



Honestly this should have been in ORAS. Out of all Pokémon I’d say early route Pokémon deserve Mega Evolutions the most. I really like Mightyena but after a while you’re going to swap it out for a better Dark type. Art by GlitchedBat.



Some of my favourite Mega Evolutions are callbacks to previous evolutions. Dragonite deserves to have a new form that makes it look more like Dragonair. Art by griffsnuff.

Mega Dugtrio


It’s time for Dugtrio to bring its body out of the ground and let us actually see those punch and kick moves it can learn. I imagine it looking something like Barbarcle and having an ability that lets it hit flying and levitating Pokémon with Ground type moves due to its increased height. Art by… me.



It could be Fire/Grass, a type combination I’ve been hoping we’d get for years. Art by Hyshirey.


Sawk & Throh

Preferably ones where they swap colours like this.



Because of the name. Mega Yanmega. And in Japan it would be Mega Megayanma. And one of the earlier suggestions on this list includes Mega Meganium.

BEDA 2015: 26 – The Paid Mods Debate


So I like playing games with mods, one of which being Skyrim. So with no new topic for today I figured I should express my thoughts on the whole paid mods thing that happened a few days ago. The screenshots I’m using aren’t of the paid mods but rather of my most recent playthrough and the mods I’ve installed.


Now I can understand the reasons for doing this. Mods take a lot of work to make and rewarding the mod creator for their work. If they’d introduced a donate button so that you could choose to pay a mod creator for a mod you liked then no one would complain. But of course that would mean Valve and Bethesda couldn’t take a 75% cut of the profit.


Another problem is how mods are going to pile up. Someone who is fine paying for mods is going to start buying several as many of the paid mods I’ve seen add one sword or set of armour and when I play Skyrim I like to mix and match several mods. Now of course that’s completely up to you but if one paid mod requires another paid mod (which you know is going to happen) you’ll be paying for two mods when you’re only interested in one. And of course if someone who makes a mod several other free mods require to work decides to charge for their mods that’s going to result in people paying money to use a free mod (or pirating it).


So will this destroy the mod community? No, of course not. There will continue to be free mods for Skyrim on both the Steam Workshop and the Nexus. But it will change things and if you don’t want to pay for any mods you’re going to end up missing out on mods or finding a way to get it for free despite the mod author’s wishes. People on both sides are going to be upset no matter how things move forwards. Personally I think that there should be a donate button on mod creator pages so all mods are free but you can pay the creator if you like their mods and want to reward them for their work. As things are I look at a paid mod and think “yes that looks cool but it’s not worth paying for when this even cooler mod that adds more is free”.

BEDA 2015: 25 – The Clown Prince of Crime


So this image was posted online last night and has been the topic of many a debate online today. Personally I like the design. Obviously it’s not the full costume because they want to show off the tattoos but so far it looks pretty decent.


And looking at this leaked photo it looks like we’re getting the white suit from Dark Knight Returns.


This makes a lot of sense. TDKR is the biggest influence for Dawn of Justice with Ben Affleck’s Batsuits being exact replicas of the ones from the comic and animated movie. People have pointed out other influences such as Batman R.I.P. (shirtless with similar hair and figure) and All Star Batman & Robin (had a dragon tattooed on his back) so this Joker looks like he’ll be something of an amalgamation of Jokers.


So yeah I think that overall this is a decent Joker design. I like that he doesn’t have a drawn on smile (though there is another possible leaked photo that might suggest he might with the full suit on), Joker looks better when his smile is 100% his own and can disappear when things don’t go his way. And it’s way better than the awful design used in The Dark Knight. Plus if people think this design is over the top I should remind you that not that long ago in the comics Joker cut off his face and wore it as a mask.


Yeah… Remember that?

BEDA 2015: 24 – Naruto Gaiden first impression


The Naruto spin-off mini series manga has started. The first chapter came out recently and mostly follows Sarada (or Salad as some translations call her). This is a smart move since Boruto is getting his own movie later this year and while I think Sasuke hogged way too much attention in the main manga his life after chapter 699 is a bit of a mystery.


Something that didn’t surprise me at all is that Sasuke never being around to be a father is canon. Of course it’s been confirmed he’ll be Boruto and Sarada’s teacher when they graduate so it looks like he’ll be forced to spend some time with his daughter.


Sarada’s identity crisis and concerns about her father certainly feel like Kishimoto’s reaction to fans who complained about the ending. This panel in particular where it looks like she’s going to wonder if Karin is in fact her mother reminds me of the times a bunch of SasuKarin fans argued that because they both wear glasses clearly she was Sarada’s mother and made petty edits of Sakura to look like Karin (Naruto’s shipping fandom is crazy). While this is an obvious red herring it hopefully means we’ll be getting a conclusion of what actually happened to Taka after the war. I personally liked how Naruto ended but admit that there are certain plots that Kishimoto skipped over concerning Taka and Orochimaru.


Also we now know what Kakashi looks like under the mask. So assuming the next chapter follows Sasuke and explains what he and Taka are up to these days that only leaves two questions: who is the mother of Lee’s kid and what is the kid’s name?

But anyway I liked this chapter. I hope this mini series isn’t entirely about the Uchiha family but I’m glad it’s starting off with them considering the fact there were so many unanswered questions but there are other characters who deserve attention. I want a chapter about Himawari.