BEDA 2015: 01 – Secret War Thoughts

Ah BEDA (Blog Every Day April), that time of year I actually use my WordPress account on a regular basis. And right away I actually have a topic that has been on my mind that I wanted to blog about before I remembered April was about to start. No VEDA this year, I’ve found doing both BEDA and VEDA results in me running out of topics faster than if I just did one. Anyway on to that first topic.


So later this year Marvel is doing a big multi-universe crossover event called Secret Wars. This is a familiar name to many long time Marvel fans and it seems like this particular version of Secret Wars will be Marvel’s answer to DC’s Crisis events and the New 52, especially with the plans to merge the main universe (Earth-616) and the Ultimate universe (Earth-1610).


First the good news is that it looks like the characters from currently running series (even those ending right before Secret Wars) are safe. This new Avengers line up confirms Miles is sticking around (of course he is) and Kamala will be stepping up to Avengers status. It also shows the new Thor (identity still unknown) and Captain America (Sam Wilson) are sticking around. In fact this might be the most marketable Avengers line up besides the movie team.


So it looks like the aim of Secret Wars is to move all the heroes without a 616 counterpart to the main Marvel Universe and retire the Ultimate Universe. But instead of making them the lone survivors of a dead world they’ll still have their supporting casts. So with that in mind I think characters like Lana should be safe despite the fact there won’t be an All New Ultimates team any more.


But what about characters who do have 616 counterparts? Well some of them are dead so being replaced with a living character works well for them. Outside of that I don’t see that many of them sticking around, many were created to be drastically different from their more famous counterparts in 616. But that doesn’t mean we’re only getting the Ultimate exclusives, there’s bound to be some Amalgamations happening.


A prime example of someone who is almost certainly going to have their Ultimate design after Secret Wars is Nick Fury. He was modeled after Samuel L Jackson before the Cinematic Universe was even a thing and now Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury is the template for all Nick Furys made since Iron Man came out. So we’ll be getting this Nick Fury but I expect he’ll keep a lot of 616 Fury’s past. This would also mean Nick Fury Jr is no longer needed.


I’m curious about what they’ll do with Kate Bishop. She’s a fairly recent addition to the Ultimate universe while in Earth-616 she’s been the second Hawkeye for a while now. I expect post-Battleworld Kate will lean more towards her 616 self but I wouldn’t mind her gaining her hair from the Ultimate universe.


One character I’ll be sad to see go is Ultimate Jessica Drew. With 616 Jessica recently gaining a new outfit and solo series (and as for her current identity it’s safe to assume that Natasha Romanov will be Black Widow after the event ends) there isn’t much room for this Jessica. I doubt they’ll mix her with her 616 counterpart. Peter’s clones have the worst luck.


I’m a bit worried about Gwen too. Sure we’ve got Spider-Gwen swinging around her own universe but the Ultimate universe has a living Gwen too and I am worried when Secret Wars ends the shared universe won’t include her. That said she is a clone so it’s not like her existing would take away the impact of 616 Gwen’s death so maybe there’s a chance for Ultimate Gwen making it. Plus she could still live with Aunt May since it looks like Peter will be staying with MJ again…


If this really means Secret Wars is undoing One More Day I’m in. With Miles in the universe there’s no reason to undo Peter’s character development any more.


I’d like for some characters to keep their Ultimate designs. There have been some pretty cool designs in that universe.


So I’m looking forward to seeing the impact of Secret Wars. I’ll end this post with a link to a video I watched about which characters are most likely to be save (most of whom have been confirmed since he made the video) and those whose chances are slim.


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