BEDA 2015: 02 – Street Fighter V Wishlist


So one of the things I like making blogs about here on WordPress is lists. And I recently watched Professor Thorgi’s Top 10 characters he wants in Street Fighter V list so I figured I’d make a Street Fighter V list on my own. But rather than a Top 10 I’ve made three top fives. I’ve got about half an hour to write this so lets get started…


Street Fighter IV characters

So in its final(?) installment Street Fighter IV had 44 different characters and while I don’t expect all of them to return there are a few I would like to see in the new game.



Out of all the Street Fighter III characters I’d say Ibuki has the best chance of coming back being in both Super Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken. Plus she’s pretty popular. Still doesn’t stop her from being one of the characters I’m most interested in seeing return for the next game.



Much like Ibuki I think her popularity and Street Fighter X Tekken appearance have helped increase her chances of being in the new game. Juri is a character I can see sticking around as one of the regular antagonists of the Street Fighter series.



Another of the Street Fighter III characters brought back in Super Street Fighter IV. Mainly I just think she’s a cool character. I thought this before I played as her and even more so once I finally got to do so. Despite how she might appear based on her art she plays nothing like Ryu and his many clones. This is another reason I think she’d be a great pick since it would mean not everyone who wears a gi is trained in the hado style.



Yep, another Street Fighter III character. This time one reintroduced in Street Fighter X Tekken. Her Capoeira style really helps make her feel unique amongst other fighters. While other fighters don’t exactly stand still Elena is never in one spot for more than a second.



Without a doubt Hakan is one of the most entertaining characters in the Street Fighter series. He has to come back. Looks like it’s time to oil up.


Street Fighter characters from other games

There are a lot of characters who have yet to make an appearance in a 3D Street Fighter title. Before Street Fighter V was announced I was hoping Street Fighter IV would eventually bring back every SFIII and Alpha character but since that seems unlikely here are the five I’d like to see return the most.



Have you seen the way this guy fights? The fact he wasn’t in any installment of Street Fighter IV is a huge disappointment.


R. Mika

Considering how much Capcom loves this character I’m surprised she hasn’t returned sooner. Plus the fact she looks up to Zangief means we’d get some entertaining rival scenes.



Yes these lists have been dominated by Street Fighter III characters. Oro is canonically the strongest fighter in the Street Fighter series to the point he has to hold himself back by fighting with one arm. That alone makes him a must have for this game.



He’s a giant punk. That’s my reason.



Last Street Fighter III character. Considering he was the protagonist of that game he really needs a comeback.


Final Fight characters

Street Fighter often brings in characters from Final Fight so they deserve their own section. Two of my picks are even from past Street Fighter games.



How has Major Haggar never been a playable character in a Street Fighter game? Fix this already Capcom.


Edi. E

While there have been fighters that are part of law enforcement groups before it would be fun to see them include an on duty cop. Plus if Final Fight characters are joining this game Cody will be one of them and still in prison clothes so someone needs to be on the hunt to bring him back to jail.



He was one of the playable characters from Final Fight 2 and carries a sword. I’ll admit that’s all I know about him but looking over the Final Fight characters he seemed like could be interesting.



It’s the design. The design is why I want him in the game.



He brings bombs to a street fight. That’s my reason.

And unfortunately this second BEDA entry is a little late. Next week I’ll try and get my blog up before I meet up with my friends. Until then I’ll leave you with the video that inspired to-yester- yestoday’s blog.


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